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7 Unique facts of Dragon Ball GT, the old game that's hard to forget

7 Unique facts of Dragon Ball GT, the old game that's hard to forget - Remember with this one game fighting game that is in the sovereign as a stick wrecked game. One of the few best PlayStation games, Dragon Ball GT: Final bout. The Game is adapted from the cartoon series by Akira Toriyama.

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7 Unique facts of Dragon Ball GT, the old game that's hard to forget

However Dragon Ball GT is an old game that has its fans in the present day, let's talk about the unique facts of the game Dragon Ball GT PlayStation 1:
  1. At that moment there is not a cheat or patch program, everyone plays fair play, which there are only shark games in the era of games PlayStation 2. But in Dragon Ball games have the secret key: Arguably a bug is also possible, to unlock all characters just need left-bottom-top + triangle 10x + box 10x up to Bunti ting. Originally to unlock all the characters we must be able to beat the Big boss at the last level.
    7 Unique facts of Dragon Ball GT, the old game that's hard to forget
  2. Meteor, all the usual ones are asked, until what Meteor? Meteor is one of the fighting skills of Dragon Ball GT characters, its highest meteor level to level 8, how to activate it: R2 (FAST) + (triangle + box) + right direction, left, up, or down.
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  3. Opposite, when one of the characters launches the ultimate kick, the other character can reply with more moves. Triangle + box + Circle to avenge the kick, cross push Mark to hold for the block, Box + circle to cast the opponent's style, and cross mark + triangle to absorb the kick.
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  4. Gengkidama, just like the anime series Gengkidama style can only be used by ordinary Goku characters, without the form of Saiyan. Somehow what is the key, it might be good luck, how to remove the case: the direction on the Puter-Puter starts from the bottom and hit the triangle Kalo Lucky Gengkidama out of Goku.
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  5. The last enemy in single tournament mode is Super Baby. The big giant who could swallow the TV screen, when the last fight is super baby this size half the TV screen so our character looks small.
    Dragon Ball GT: Final Bout
  6. Beat Super baby is easy, so as not to be walked or hit the head quite standing in the middle between the two legs, this funny, the big monster can't going can hit character we just use the science or kick hold this boss gradually Abis.
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  7. The last kick will not apply if the position of both characters as below the screenshot shown. The blind spot for both, if pressing the button triangle of kick that comes out only straight without a target.
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And the stand GT is not the Grand Turismo but the Grand TOUR, the fight between Univers with the default total character without code is 10 people. If we connect with comics or anime, Dragon Ball GT can be called as the current temperature of anime. The fight is not a regular level but inter galaxy.
Imagine if Naruto with Kyubi, Lufi with Gomu-Gomu max level, bleach, or Inuyasha is overwhelmed against a Goku. The body and the case exceed the outstanding anime, overpower all, just one can obliterate the planet, cool right. The Game is quite popular at the time it saves interesting facts but that's what makes Dragon Ball GT different from the others.