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2 Best Android Emulator specifically for playing games on Windows 7 PC

2 Best Android Emulator specifically for playing games on Windows 7 PC - For Windows 7 PC users do not be discouraged if your smartphone is less capable to play games? There are still many other ways to enjoy the Android games circulating today. One of them by utilizing the emulator technology, emulators developed with basic VMware (virtual technology), VMware itself is a commonly used engine to run Linux operating systems without a dual boot on a Windows PC. As the information on this writing based on personal experience when trying all the Android emulators that are hosted with the best name, one of these is absolutely free no-frills trial yes. Let's learn more about 2 best Android emulators free to play games on PC Windows 7 are:

2 Best Android Emulator specifically for playing games on Windows 7 PC

1. Bluestack 3

Unlike its predecessor Bluestack 2, this Virtual machine-based emulator technology feels fresher. Bluestack 3 Gaming Emulator for PC is its use almost as we open tabs in Browser in PC just add or close quite instant when we want to open an application or game. One more addition of keyboard and mouse keys mapping to facilitate the lovers of Android Moba games. An additional multi-instance feature where players can create more than one game account in 1 emulator and can be used at the same time.
2 Best Android Emulator specifically for playing games on Windows 7 PC

Here's for Minimum System Requirements Bluestack 3:

OS: Windows 7 and in its latest version, Vista SP2, Windows XP SP3 (32-bit only)
Ram: 2GB

You must be an Administrator on your PC and maximized for MOBA games, RPG games and their variants, Strategy games, etc., the Vga Driver Note When running this will have to use the most recent version.

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The excess when we run a Moba game, the key mapping for the Control is automatically opened at the moment, so it can directly adjust. WASD for the direction of space character movement to hit action and for shop item purchase features, skills, etc. can be adjusted by yourself with the assisted use of the mouse while in-game. Maybe for new ones trying to be a little stiff, when you want to use skills 1, 2, and 3 mouse movements should be responsive. In Bluestack 3 This is the same, in order for the game to run without lag we can adjust the settings of the CPU cores to 3 cores, for example, 2 GB Ram, and the rendering technology will use DIRECTX or Open GL, according to the needs.
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All games run perfectly on this emulator, key mapping and multi instances become the advantages, but there is one thing to underline, the automatic download feature of the game app from the provider still remains on both on Bluestack 2 and 3 for users Internet quota operators may be bad news, we can look for ways with this root bluestack. Bluestack 3 can be downloaded directly here at the official site.

2. Nox

The second Android Emulator is NOX, developed with basic VMware brings a simpler user interface. All the menus are next to the main screen, options, settings, etc. The excess can be created screenshot, and record screen directly in NOX itself without any additional application. The latest version of the NOX emulator is use KitKat OS as its basic OS. So when playing mobile legends feature live streaming can not be used because the minimum OS is a lollipop.
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Just like the Bluestack configuration CPU cores, Ram, and screen resolution can be adjusted easily following the PC specifications we use. If you want to use quick mode when rendering the Display view using DIRECTX and if you want a smoother view use Open GL.
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Advertisement can be seen in the picture above just not like bluestack that automatically downloads games from the party when. Minimum System Requirements for NOX are:
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In its latest version, NOX APP is designed to be maximized for In its latest version, NOX APP is designed to be maximized for gaming performance, as the Battle Royale games are on the rise in the mobile realm. So this version of the WASD key configuration as the character control has automatically existed without the need for manual settings. NOX APP's advantages are a lightweight, easy-to-understand view for keyboard control or key mapping capabilities. Overall all games are smoothly run by this emulator just one drawback is still using KitKat OS so we can not live streaming game mobile legends, all the features were replaceable if we install Bandicam for screen record with HD quality. Nox can In the download here official site Bignox APP.

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Why Choose 2 Android emulators above? Despite the many scattered Android emulator for PC nowadays, but the emulator above has proved convenient, Gamepun runs maximally although there is a rigid impression for users who are new to the emulator's first time, 2 applications above can only run If VT (virtual technology) PC processors are on the turn on both AMD and Intel.

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