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3 Best Skill combinations for Cyber Hunter Push Rank

3 Best Skill combinations for Cyber Hunter Push Rank - The Skill in Cyber Hunter Games is about 18 that can be unlocked if we reach a certain level. The bottom-most Skill is the Shield Wall and the highest for level 29 accounts is the Flight Formula. We should be able to manage the cost of the cube when removing each skill in the battle war. The maximum cube Note we can collect there are as many as 500 pieces, we are going to discuss the skills that useful for war when push rank in bottom rank to the highest, so we go straight away:

3 Best Skill combinations for Cyber Hunter Push Rank

1. Skill for Rookie Level to Elite

3 Best Skill combinations for Cyber Hunter Push Rank
This Rank, certainly filled by players who have just tried cyber-hunter games for best combination skills can use default settings such as Vehicle, Heal, or Wall. No skill combination above is more than enough to take our account to the rank of elite where the Cost Cube in need is not large only 30-60 cube fruit per skill. And another level of account is still limited so you can simply use this skill to push at the squad level or else.

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2. Senior to Master Level skills

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Well in this rank, the player has been a little more GG especially if stepping on Master 1 you will face with the player of the rank Legendary. For the skill combinations that can be set is a Fort kind of box more than the wall, then watch Tower can be joined with the fort, last you can utilize Heal skills for urgent circumstances, or can also be replaced with camouflage (optical camouflage ).

3. The Skill to Rank Legendary to ACE

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Surely this rank is the second-highest rank of Cyber Hunter, and the rank to the highest of the player is certainly more understanding and memorized about the ins and outs of each skill's weaknesses. In this rank, many players use Heavy weapons such as Falling Star, Absolute Zero, and Destroyer.

Well, when stepping on this rank you must have a solid squad to remain Victory for the skills can utilize Fort, Flight Formula and the third First Aid Device skill is useful to revive and healing our team. Well, ability First Aid Device program must have because in addition to revive for friends we can also revive for ourselves when we knock. Fort can also be replaced with Watch Tower depending on our wishes.

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So, that's 3 best skill for push rank just like other battle Royale games the higher the rank then we need a team game. And this applies to Rank Legendary upwards where they already have a role and team combination to bring to Victory or go into the top 10 big.