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How to Setting Nox Keyboard App for Mobile Legends

How to Setting Nox Keyboard App for Mobile games Legends - Yes next let's discuss how to set the keyboard in Nox. The Nox App itself has already set up this feature, as it is maximized for gaming so it's easy enough for us to customize it. Let's see well:

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How to Setting Nox Keyboard App for Mobile Legends

  1. Open Mobile Legends Game, in its latest update we can only change the account if it reaches level 8, so will not be able to play the new account accompanied by NOX settings.
  2. Select the keyboard icon beside the home screen
    How to Setting Nox Keyboard App for Mobile Legends
  3. Add the WASD button right in the character Control direction of Mobile Legends
    NoxPlayer keyboard control settings
  4. Adjust the adjusting position
    Play Mobile Legends: Bang Bang on PC with NoxPlayer
  5. Add another shortcuts button, please go with the settings as below screenshot shown
    For Nox users only, discussion. : mobilelegends
  6. The last step save and apply
    How to Configure NoxPlayer for Android Gaming on PC

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Until this step, the control setting for mobile legends Games was successful. It's quite a bit stiff to use the mouse when it will use the 1, 2, and 3 skills for our game response to be fast. Memorize also the keyboard button, so that GG though through the PC does not mean it can not push trophy, by the way, the image of analog MOBA means that it is in settings through the keyboard like this, OK if there is any question please hover in the Comments field.

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