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How to use Youtube Copyright Match claim Video Re-Upload

How to use Youtube Copyright Match claim Video Re-Upload - The Youtube Copyright Match feature is one of the newest features that Youtube has embedded this year 2019. The release is a few months backward, but some people have not yet understood the benefits of the latest features. Youtube Copyright Match is an essential tool for claiming the copyright of our videos. Maybe if the first Claim ID only in the provision for a large channel, musician, the store has been verified for the latest tools in the allocation for a small and more private channel (personal Claim).

How to use Youtube Copyright Match claim Video Re-Upload

Terms of getting Youtube Copyright Match

This feature is available for those of you who have already in the ACC become a Youtube Partner meaning you have already passed the requirements of 1000 Sub, and 4000 hours of airing. To see it, you can check directly in Youtube Creator Studio,

1. For Youtube Creator Studio Classic

Enter Creator Studio, then select Video Manager and select Submit Retraction

2. For Youtube Creator New Studio

Enter Creator Studio, in the Dashboard menu under Scroll Copyright

Recommended If you open this YouTube copyright feature through the latest YouTube studio because of the more complete going. There are message features, Submit claims and match tools to view our videos that have been reuploaded. Another one to enjoy this Match Copyright feature you will have to open it through the PC/Desktop Browser. Ok, we proceed to the way we claim our video is Re-uploaded by another Chanel:

How to claim copyright using Youtube Copyright Match Tools

  1. Go to Creator Studio's latest version https://studio.youtube.com/channel/
  2. Select Menu Copyright View in the Match tab if there is a channel that reuploads our video will be visible, 80% to 100% for the match level see the image below
  3. If there is advanced to the Removal Request by clicking exclamation point (!)
  4. Please fill the form Youtube to complete as follows, Copyright Content content fills with our video title that has been in Reupload. For others will automatically fill in our channel, proceed to the next step
  5. Select standard Removal (immediately removed) then service all copyright statement and lastly, you live content signature (a signature is the name of our full ID card)

Right up here we managed to claim our video personally, you just have to wait a few hours until one day if there is notice if your copyright claim is agreed. This feature is useful for small Youtuber. Or protect the creators from irresponsible re-uploader. There is a Fair Use principle that can be used with a condition of only 25 seconds (copyrighted content that can be used), but this is a fair use do not apply if the video or music is a well-known video (25 seconds the core of the copyright remains straight).

For this latest Copyright match will detect the video with the above acceptable match value or use our video without excuse, so maybe these tools will be useful.