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20 Best Insurance Software Review

20 Best Insurance  Insider Software Review
Software-Defined Networking (SDN) is a network architecture approach that enables the network to be intelligently and centrally controlled, or 'programmed,' using software applications. This helps operators manage the entire network consistently and holistically, regardless of the underlying network technology.

Applied Epic
About Applied Epic

Applied Epic is a cloud-based insurance solution that assists agents, brokers, insurance providers and consumers with the exchange of insurance data and information. Key features include policies and benefits administration, license tracking and document management,insurance insider awards.

Applied Epic allows users to compare and verify policies, documents and contracts. Users can design plan summaries using pre-built forms and templates.  It also allows users to educate employees on government-mandated benefits and coverage. An agent dashboard helps to manage the sales process and track performance against individual sales goals. The sales automation feature helps sales teams to manage their pipeline and other sales activities.

Agents have access to document management that allows them to create multiple folders and client reports in order to maintain and track client history. The solution also facilitates communication between agents and customers via text messages. The solution provides support via phone.

Partner XE
About Partner XE

Partner Platform’s agency management system (Partner XE) is praised by clients for its ease of use, breadth of capabilities, and long-term affordability. Built for the agency that cares about community values and is tired of the status quo of overly complex management systems, you’ll find Partner Platform is supported by a team that you can count on and lives their values of being a partner, insurance insider amtrust.

Easily manage the entire life-cycle of your agency’s client relationship from pre-sales to servicing to renewal in a unified system that has sales and marketing, client, policy, and financial management, agency-branded mobile app, integrated text messaging, data analytics, web solutions, and integrations with third-party tools and industry partners.

Centralpoint - Insurance
About Centralpoint - Insurance

Centralpoint by Oxcyon is a content management solution that can be installed on-premise or accessed on the cloud from any mobile device with an internet connection.The modular applications can be deployed in a configuration that suits the specific needs of the company. The solution caters to large organizations in a variety of industries, such as Banking, Engineering, Manufacturing, Healthcare, and insurance insider maiden.

Centralpoint offers several applications that can be utilized modularly, or as part of a larger suite depending on the user’s needs. Featured functionalities include Document Management, Digital Asset Management, Reporting & Analytics, and Website Content Management, as well as modules to help manage contracts, records, and cases. Centralpoint also provides to users the ability to capture documents and images for storage on the cloud. Centralpoint can integrate with several CRM systems including Salesforce and Peoplesoft. It can also integrate with Facebook and other custom sources.

Support is offered through an online knowledge base and chat.


About DRC

DRC's insurance system is a cloud-based insurance solution that enables property and casualty insurance businesses to manage their policy quotes, ratings, billing and claims. The solution offers features for brokers, carriers and policyholders.

DRC Quote allows users to automate the underwriting process and manage re-entry of policy information. DRC Policy enables insurance agents to convert quotes into policies and regulate them. Users can also search policies or customers by name, policy number, state and quote number, insurance insider argo.

DRC allows users to automate rating tasks and underwriting services using product playbook tools. DRC Billing helps users to process customer payments through agency bill, direct bill and electronic funds transfer. The solution also provides recordkeeping, notification, verification and reporting functionalities.

Support is available via phone.


About WaterStreet

WaterStreet is a cloud-based insurance solution designed primarily for sectors such as property and casualty insurance, 
insurance insider gallagher.

WaterStreet provides tools to manage quote-to-claim policy lifecycle support, a configurable rule-based structure, real-time premium calculation and underwriting, policy sales, quoting, issuance and policy management. The solution also offers connections to multiple raters, an access-controlled agency profile and document management tools.

The claims management module offers litigation lifecycle tracking, risk management, claims accounting and other cost management functions. An insured portal is also available that provides users with access to claims tracking, invoice printing, payment automation tools and policy status validation.

Support is available via email, live chat and over the phone.

About Indio

Indio is a cloud-based property and casualty insurance agency (P&C) solution, which helps manage and streamline insurance application and renewal processes. The platform comes with a form engine, which lets firms display conditional questions to gain client responses on specific fields. 

Key features of Indio include notes creation, automated data population, digital signature, file import and data security. Clients can leave notes for agents on unsure questions or share forms with different departments to collaborate on relevant fields by adding multiple contacts on the platform. Additionally, it allows users to upload and store all insurance documents and files in a secure digital repository, insurance insider conference.

Indio enables clients to create, edit and manage schedule workbooks and import or export them for future reference. Pricing is available on request and support is provided online.


About NowCerts

NowCerts is a cloud-based insurance solution designed for insurance agencies of all sizes. Key functionalities include commission tracking, task management, claims management, reporting, self-service certificates, reminders, calendars, dashboards and e-signature.

Users can create projects, assign tasks and track project progress. Acord forms are available in various formats which can be edited, signed, e-mailed, faxed and saved. The solution enables users to create invoices, make payments and issue receipts. Additionally, users can receive automated reminders as their renewal date approaches, aig insurance insider

The solution lets users track agency and agent commissions, agency fees and carrier fees. Also, users are able to issue their own certificates. NowCerts integrates with multiple applications such as Google Drive, Gmail, QuickBooks, SignNow, Zapier and Twilio.

NowCerts is priced on a per month per agency subscription basis, and support is provided via an online helpdesk, email, live chat and over the phone.

Jenesis Agency Management
About Jenesis Agency Management

Jenesis is a cloud-based solution that helps insurance agents manage personal and commercial lines and obtain new potential customers. Key features include claims management, rating engine, policy processing and reinstatement tracking.

Designed for independent insurance agencies, Jenesis comes with an Association for Cooperative Operations Research and Development (ACORD) library, which includes both prefilled and fillable PDF forms. Its drag-and-drop interface allows users to create, edit and import image attachments from client profiles and share them across the team. Additionally, the solution enables enterprises to automate accounting tasks and manage remittances for customers.

Jenesis allows integration with third-party applications such as QuickBooks and J-Books. It is available on a monthly subscription and support is extended via documentation, phone, email and other online measures.  


About AgencyBloc

AgencyBloc is an agency management software for life and health insurance agencies looking for a more effective way to increase company's profitability, enhancing customer satisfaction and controlling costs in today's competitive market like insurance insider barbican.

The solution provides cloud-based agency management system that helps users stay organized and efficient. The solution tracks policies, manages agents and their commissions, and offers reporting tool to analyze business performance. It also offers document management feature giving agents and other staff a single centralized location to store critical documents and electronic scans.

The software dashboard lets users see ongoing activities at a glance, including both individual tasks and company-wide announcements. The software offers many features for agents dealing with health and life insura
of every client interaction. HawkSoft’s core package includes the reporting suite, Agency Intelligence, giving agents access to vital business metrics and sales pipeline management tools.  

HawkSoft offers drag-n-drop functionality, real-time quoting, downloads, e-signature, phone integration, QuickBooks integration, pre-fill ACORD forms and certificates of insurance, batch email marketing and texting.

Support is provided via phone, chat and in person.

About HawkSoft

HawkSoft is an insurance management solution designed for independent agencies.

HawkSoft offers workflows for commercial and personal lines and an auto-documentation process that builds a trail of every client interaction. HawkSoft’s core package includes the reporting suite, Agency Intelligence, giving agents access to vital business metrics and sales pipeline management tools.  

HawkSoft offers drag-n-drop functionality, real-time quoting, downloads, e-signature, phone integration, QuickBooks integration, pre-fill ACORD forms and certificates of insurance, batch email marketing and texting.

Support is provided via phone, chat and in person.

Agency Suites

About Agency Suites

Agency Suites is a cloud-based workflow management solution from EZLynx that integrates user websites with consumer quoting and client centers. Users can connect to the solution from home, office or mobile devices. The retail packages include features like mobile access, real-time quoting, carrier defaults, auto and home pre-fills and google analytics access.

Agency Suites allow users to pre-fill and save quote templates with common answers, producer codes and underwriting information. Users can add more supportive features like predictive analytic risk assessments, premium-change summaries, renewal notifications, historical premium changes and pipeline management.

Agency Suites offers a real-time quoting platform where users can input data for multi-carrier submissions. Producers can rate, bind and issue policies from carrier websites and store ACORD forms. Support is offered via phone.

About EZlynx

EZLynx is an insurance agency management software that streamlines all agency workflows. It provides back-office management features, CRM, and marketing automation tools that help agents strengthen relationships with customers and prospects. It includes an automated commission processing feature, which supports the agents. It is suitable for all size agencies and helps them maintain healthy business relationships.

It helps improve sales and marketing efforts and monitors the performance of the insurance agency. The cloud-based management system stores information such as policy documents, statements, notes and more. With the reporting tools you can analyze the status of client’s accounts.

The client center provides your customers with access to print policy documents anytime. Modifications can be requested in the policy and confidential information can be shared online safely. It saves the time of interaction with customers and customer support executives. EZLynx developers creates a responsive yet engaging website for your insurance agency to maximize client servicing and experience.

Applied Rater

About Applied Rater

Applied Rater is a cloud-based insurance rating and quoting solution that helps businesses to present insurance rates to their clients. It integrates into agency websites and management systems, providing users with a single point of data entry to automate the exchange of information.

Key features include pipeline visibility via Applied Rater's configurable dashboard, integrated proposals, rates on multiple lines of business and more. Applied Rater enables users to automatically receive personalized flood proposals that include cost indication and customer waivers.

The solution also supports integration with LexisNexis, which allows users to auto-verify prospects' and customers' vehicle and residential information. Additionally, Applied Rater features built-in templates that automatically pull in rate quotes for customers in professional proposals.

Services are offered on a monthly subscription basis after one-time setup fees. Support is offered via phone, email and an online self service customer portal.

Eclipse Software
About Eclipse

Eclipse is an insurance agency management system for independent insurance agents with both on-premise or cloud-based deployment. It provides features for single agencies as well as multi-agency locations of all sizes.

The system helps agencies manage customers, policies, claims, company and producer commissions, financials and documentation.

Eclipse features ACORD form filling, ledger accounting, accounts payable, accounts receivable, agency and direct billed billing and reconciliation, advanced reporting and carrier downloads.

Comprehensive reporting to manage agency growth, retention, activity and track agency financials is also available.

Eclipse offers integration with business solutions such as QuickBooks, InsureSign, Rpost, Agency Revolution and more.

Phone, email and live chat support are available through this vendor.

Patch Software

About Patch

Patch is a cloud-based insurance management solution, which assists health centers and medical practitioners with claim submission and out-of-network benefits management. Key features include ROI tracking, treatment planning, messaging, patient management, and insurance provider management.

Physicians can use the solution to examine coverage details, determine eligibility and inform client about covered expenses in real-time. The solution helps doctors deposit claims and send reimbursement checks to patients. It also allows counselors to measure patients' reimbursements against ongoing treatment, process payments and track revenue.

Patch helps practitioners review surveys collected through social media ads, analyze customer behavior, connect with patients through chats or emails and resolve issues in real-time. Pricing for the solution is available on request and support is provided via email and documentation.

Insly Software
About Insly

Insly is a cloud-based accounting solution that is designed for brokers, agents and accounting professionals. Key features include accounting and billing management, debt management and reporting.

Insly helps in managing sales pipeline where users can view customers details such as location, email, type of customer and other related information. Users can also create and manage policies by viewing installment schedules, claims, active offers, renewals and more. The reporting feature helps users in providing a review of business results. The solution provides customizable reports that contain overview as well as detailed operational reports.

The sales reports dashboard provides a statistical review of sales on a periodic basis. Users can specify report criteria that include installment dates and policy insurer person and type of installment.

The solution is priced per user per month and users can choose between three feature packages. Users have access to multilingual and multi-currency support at no extra charge and can view regular webinars and personal demos.

Surefyre Software
About Surefyre

Surefyre is a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) solution designed for the needs of insurance agents. It is suitable for multiple types of carriers, including property, casualty, life and health care insurance providers.

Key features include a customer information system, commission tracking, document generation, task assignment and multichannel communication. The document generation feature pulls data from the existing customer information database and helps agents prepare and send accords, new proposals and invoices.

The built-in progress dashboard enables agents to track their monthly progress and keep track of deals closed and commission generated. It's also able to track commission generated by third-party agents and carriers. The automatic workflow engine guides agents through various steps of completing policy - from submitting documents to communicating policy details to clients.

Surefyre is available on per user per month subscription that includes support via phone and email.

Applied CSR24
About Applied CSR24

Applied CSR24 is a cloud-based self-service customer portal for insurance companies. It offers clients online and mobile access to an organization's policies' information. Key features include document management, claims management, analytics and more.

Applied CSR24 allows users to view open items by invoice and provides them with a visual warning to address items that are past due. The solution also enables clients to access information on new or old claims.

Applied CSR24's policy management functionality allows users to add assets to a policy from a mobile application. Automated certificate processing and management helps users to access ACORD forms, view customizable templates and utilize paperless delivery to process and print certificates.

Services are offered on a monthly subscription basis. Support is offered via phone, email and online live chat.

ISI Enterprise

About ISI Enterprise

ISI Enterprise is a cloud-based insurance solution that assists businesses in policy administration, billing, claims and other related services. Key features include reinsurance management, a policy rating engine, document management and reporting tools.

ISI Enterprise offers insurers a centralized data repository for managing client communications and documentation. The solution also offers automated quotes, manual renewal options, bulk data import and transaction locking. ISI Enterprise helps users to manage billing through automated statement creation, batch receipt generation and account reconciliation tools. ISI Enterprise also offers a claims module that allows users to manage reserves, subrogation recoveries, salvage and payments.

ISI Enterprise lets insurance agents automate reinsurance assignments, trace reinsurance calculations, generate reports and manage interactions with reinsurance partners. The solution provides an integrated rating engine that allows users to load and manage policy rates.

Support is available via phone. Pricing is per year. 

Agency Master
About Agency Master

Agency Master is an agency management solution, which helps businesses in trucking, aviation and real estate industries manage policy renewals, endorsements, payment records, client details and more. Key features include reporting, invoicing, accounting and certification. 

Agency Master includes a document management tool, which enables businesses to create, scan and store insurance forms, email copies, photos and more. It comes with auto-filling capabilities, which lets users update policy numbers, vehicles, coverage limit and descriptions on insurance certificates. Additionally, it allows businesses to create customizable workflows and track task progress, employee activities, resource allocation and more, ensuring visibility across all ongoing projects.

Agency Master facilitates integration with ACORD forms, which enables businesses to create company-specific templates, merge multiple documents and save it on a local network for quick access. It can either be deployed on-premise or hosted in cloud. Pricing is available on request and support is extended via phone and email.