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6 Kick Movement Combo on Tekken 7

6 Kick Movement Combo on Tekken 7 - Who doesn't know this one game is TEKKEN 7, Tekken 7 is a fighting game developed by Bandai Namco Entertainment.

This game is the ninth series in the Tekken game, the game is rotated on March 18, 2015.

And this game can be played on Playstation4, Xbox One, Windows. Who does not want to see movement tips and secret tricks issued by this one game Tekken 7 because by looking at this gesture of tips and tricks we can utilize as a technique that we must master when we play the game Tekken 7.

Okay right away we see the 6 motion photo tricks in Tekken 7 Game

6 photo gestures Tips and tricks in Tekken 7 games

1. The movement to ward off opponent attacks

In a fighting game there must be the name of the movement to ward off the opponent's attack, yes right in this game we are offered to ward off attacks from opponents, so we are hard to lose.

2. Move your opponent to the wall

The key aspect in the game is to determine where the wall is located, the wall is a key role in the game Tekken by allowing players to get extra combos and dropping opponents easily so that the opponent will be lost (KO).

3. The Mastering Combo Movement

In this game we have to master the combo one of these combos will play a crucial role in dropping the opponent with the technique given by the Combo.
By mastering the combos we will quickly defeat your opponent.

4. Ukemi Movement

What is this ukemi movement? This ukemi movement is a useful gesture to injure and allow your opponent using the middle combo, this ukemi movement is also useful to spend your opponents with a little time.

The Ukemi movement is arguably a side roll movement when it is at the hit of the ground, it can be done by pressing LP or Down + LP.

5. Movement using Rage Art and Rage Drive

The Rage Art movement is a gesture introduced in Tekken 7, this Rage Art is a very powerful character attack as she uses Rage.

Rage Drive is one of the featured in Tekken 7, Rage Drive is an additional attack that can be released when you insert additional movements.

This rage can be accessed when the characters are in Rage condition.

This rage Drive utilizes as a combo extender or as a safety while the Rage Art is intertwined with Rage Drive, the make-attack will both undo each other.

6. The rising back movement

This is a technique that must be mastered, that is, the technique of reviving movement when we are in and falling.

By using this movement we can gloralize the victory, because so that we fall we must rise and have to flip the situation to become stronger

Well, that's the trick of Combo kick on Tekken 7, you can practice directly or you can share with your friends.

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