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Benefits of computer network

Benefits of computer network - What does it think of after hearing a computer network word? There must be thinking that the computer network is a network that connects 2 or more computer devices to exchange information or communicate.
Benefits of computer network

In a network, there are a lot of benefits, so this computer network is widely used in the world of work or daily life.

Computer network Benefits

  • Can facilitate communication in the world of network technology
  • Can share files or data
  • Can perform data transfer process quickly and efficiently
  • Can help someone to connect with others even from different countries easily
  • Can send files of text, images, audio as well as video in Rea time with the help of a computer network
  • Can access news or information easily via the Internet, because the Internet is an example of a computer network
  • Can share a printer, ie can use 1 printer for many people.

Well, that's an explanation of the benefits of a computer network. Hopefully with this article can be useful to you especially those who want to know more about the benefits of a computer network.