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Benefits of learning computer programming or Coding

Benefits of learning computer programming or Coding - Hi back again in my blog, this time I will give you anything the benefits of learning programming or coding the term, so this is the term you guys know that the benefits of learning? Surely the benefits are gaining deeper knowledge. Well learn programming it just as we learn anything for sure we will get a lot of knowledge.
Benefits of learning computer programming or Coding

Then in the learning of programming or coding, it's just what the hell should we go through? So most importantly you should be able to coding or can solve the problem (algorithm), why is that? So in doing that coding, we should be able to solve existing problems such as checking, editing, or diagnosing problems on computer programs.

Well, who does not know what the hell coding it? What is the programming language? Then, what is the benefit of learning programming language or coding terminology, but how to learn programming or coding just make a headache? Do not get me wrong, many benefits of learning programming or coding it, more see here Yes.

Definition of Coding and Programming language | Benefits of learning computer programming or Coding

Definition of Coding

Coding is a process of writing, testing and repairing, and maintaining code that will build a computer program. Well, this code is written in a wide variety of programming languages. What does programming language go?

Definition of Computer Programming language

Programming languages or often referred to as computer language terms or computer programming languages is a standard for instructing computers. This programming language is a set of syntax and semantic rules used to define a computer program.

Benefits of learning programming or Coding

1. Exercise thoroughness

Why can practice thoroughness? Because in that coding we need to be thorough in doing activities that are coding because in the coding process we must be thorough to observe the hundreds of lines of code that can be in a program.

So here's imagine you've written a line-up of code and there's only one line that forgot we love closing syntax like Semicolon (;). Well, it can have a bad impact because one word or cover it forgot then the program will not be able to run.

Well for that in coding activity some benefits can train thoroughness.

2. Training your Mind

Why can you train your mind? So in the coding activity, it's not just like learning a new language like Korean, English, and so on. Because in that coding we also have to train our logic to build an algorithm. So the goal in application creation is to simplify the problem to be faster and more effective in completing it, so you are required to have strong logic to solve problems by building a main Strong.

3. Develop self-potential

Why can you develop your potential? For example just like this, as a problem solver, programmers are in demand to be able to master many fields so that it is necessary to always learn what he does not know, this is because

  • This programming language itself is always evolving, for example, HTML that is now already in version 5 so we have to learn more about what new features.
  • We can also suspect what application the client requested, suddenly, suppose that you were asked to make an application about the system that you did not know before, for that you are required to always learn to be able to take an application that You don't know before

Well, that's why learning coding has the benefit of being able to develop self-potential because if we want to be a programmer we also have to learn what we have not known before, because in coding it a lot of science that You have to learn.

Well, that's the benefit of learning computer programming or coding, so in learning it certainly has many benefits, for that we must continue to learn so that we get a lot of benefits.

Hopefully with this article can be useful to you especially those who want to know more about the benefits of learning computer programming or coding.