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Best Call Of Duty Mobile Sniper weapons list

Best Call Of Duty Mobile Sniper weapons list - After we have discussed at length in the best types of AR weapons, we will re-analyze in Sniper gun type. For you PUBG Mobile fans may be a combination of AR and Sniper is the best tactic when we do push rank, well in-game CODM-similarly we need this combination to play in BR mode (Battleroyale). Until now this type of sniper in the game CODM still limited to only 4 types of weapons models, Yu we discussed further than the sick sniper, the farthest sniper distance of the Rangenya or the most excellent sniper when we use in this BR mode:

Best Call Of Duty Mobile Sniper weapons list

4. Sniper XPR-50

Best Call Of Duty Mobile Sniper weapons list
This weapon entered in the 4th order as the unfailing sniper with damage points in figure 80 is still pretty good then has a range at 90. Well with 2 points above the damage and the range of weapons is still good enough when whisk and drop enemies remotely or from the grass.

3. Sniper M21 EBR

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To 3 we have the type of M21 EBR although it has the same damage to XPR one excess of this weapon has greater accuracy 5 points of XPR. For a Fire Rate superior this XPR M21 is similar to CHEYTAC yes from its shape, then to the M21 range a little further away from XPR with an additional 5 points in the number 95. The weapon program entered the class of semi-automatic sniper rifles with the advantages of a high fire rate but in a balance with balanced stability.

2. Sniper Arctic 50

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To 2, we have Arctic 50 this sniper is a semi-automatic weapon with high mobility. Well besides the damage mobility produced by a high enough weapon also be in points 85 with a range 95. Pretty good and OP if we compare it with the 2 guns, well in addition to the range damage and mobility turns Arctic program has a speed when a bullet falls from height or in English faster gun elevation speed.

1. Sniper DL Q33

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The hurt weapon that is in the game Call of Duty mobile, until now sniper with type DL Q33 entered in the sick weapon with damage points in the number 90 then other excess IE range in points 95 similar to the Arctic accuracy of the guns program High is in Points 60. Well, for the fire rate to be at number 15 so this weapon is more to the one shoot model but with the highest damage can make knock your opponent in a snap. DL Q33 goes into a type of semi-automatic sniper rifle that has a deadly form chest-up capability which means the enemy can knock by shooting from the chest to the top.

If you are fans of sniper DL Q33 and Arctic You must try, whether the weapon is so powerful or any of the XPR models with high fire rate fit when you use. For a while if we order the sick weapon in the game CODM is DL Q33, then Arctic 50, M21 EBR and last there is XPR. Maybe this sniper could be the combination of you guys while playing in Battleroyale mode or can also play on Multipayer but for MP mode more GG If we use AR or Submachine just right.

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