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Best LMG Weapon list Call Of Duty Mobile

Best LMG Weapon list Call Of Duty Mobile - LMG is the extension of the Light Machine Gun is a weapon with a type of lightweight Gun machine. One type of weapon in the game Call of Duty Mobile uses a type of 7.62 mm bullet or similar to AK 47. Well from the many weapons that release in the game CODM we going create a level of this type of LMG because LMG does need Fire Rate and damage in its highest points, we sort from the most weapons below Yes, here's a list of weapons LMG CODM The best and the sick:

Best LMG Weapon list Call Of Duty Mobile


Best LMG Weapon list Call Of Duty Mobile
The weapon with this M4 code enters in the 4th order with the still-balanced damage, being on point 60 with a fire rate of 55 points. Well because the LMG program needs mobility when using it this type of M4LMG has mobility points in 40 mean quite heavy too, the excess of the weapon LMG is when reloading requires a lot of ammo amount.


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This RPD stands for Ruchnoy Pulemyot Degtyaryova (Russian). For in-game CODM the weapon is damage in figure 65 still strong enough then fire rate in points 65 and mobility 40. More than M4LMG but 5 points more sick, admission to the lineup of full automatic LMG suitable for medium and long distances. So LMG is still good when using scope 4 if you do not find Sniper as a secondary weapon.

2. LMG UL736

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Guns that have high damage almost a sniper chase that has damage in the number 80, this LMG UL736 has damage points in the 70 number and then the accuracy 45 and fire rate 60. Despite the high damage but weak accuracy, it can be replaced because the range of the UL736 is in points 55 far enough if we use the scope 2 or 3. Go into Full Automatic LMG type and suitable for support from a medium distance with its bullet.

1. LMG S36

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In the first stage, there is an LMG S36 this weapon is the sick weapon for the LMG type in the Call Of Duty Mobile game. Damage pin is in the number 75 range 50 and fire rate in the number 75, this weapon so Brust model is quite good because with high damage and above-average fire rate is suitable to be a replacement of the AR type. Although we have to pay the expenses in terms of accuracy because In points 35. This S36 goes into a type of fully automatic weapon with the highest Fire Rate in its class if you want to try fire rate please try to loot and test this S36 as strong as what this weapon.

That's the 4 LMG guns that are released by Call Of Duty Mobile, in the first order there are S36 then on the incessant UL736 and RPD, M4LMG in the final order. What do you think this type of LMG is important? If we play squad while in BR mode this weapon could be, the strategy for burst damage so that the enemy is slightly wary because the fire rate and damage are characteristic of this weapon, although it requires a slightly longer reload time of the type Other weapons.

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