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Best Settings Emulator Gameloop 3.0 for Game Free Fire

Best Settings Emulator Gameloop 3.0 for Game Free Fire - When we speak settings Gameloop 3.0 especially games Free Fire There are two targets that we need to know. The first setting is used for regular gaming daily use. And the second setting is for streaming and record needs. If normal gaming specs minimum PC required is not too high 4GB RAM and Quad-core processor is smooth running all games except PUBG and CODM need custom settings. What we'll cover here is what Gameloop needs for gaming streaming and record.

Gameloop Free Fire 3.0 Update
Best Settings Emulator Gameloop 3.0 for Game Free Fire

As we know that Free Fire has reached an update to the latest version of the Winterland patch 1.43.0 the existence of the Kalahari map will be slightly more likely to affect the existing specs. Make no wrong, for the mobile version of the emulator even though FF goes into a light game or for a potato smartphone if in the Emulator everything needs specs more than a minimum. Keep such settings suitable? Experience of streaming and Record in Gameloop This is the best setting for FF games or any other.

Best Settings Gameloop 3.0 Game Free Fire and more

Best Settings Emulator Gameloop 3.0 for Game Free Fire

Rendering Directx +, the rendering cache setting let the default to the most important is the Anti-alias as needed. Then 4GB RAM and DPI 480 is more than enough to run various games in Gameloop 3.0 not just FreeFire. The smaller the resolution of the monitor used will trim the use of resources from our PC. If we already get this setting to continue the PC specs that we must use is:
  • Processor: Core i7 4C/8T or Ryzen 3 4C/8T
  • Ram: 8 GB for a freely stream Record if 16 GB
  • VGA: GTX 660 or above may recommend if we use Nvidia 700 series for AMD more delicious if we use the series RX 570 although somewhat expensive but the target for record and stream needs

One more thing that you guys must do before installing Gameloop 3.0 with the latest UI if you have an old user from TGB or Gameloop before there is an important way before installing this version 3.0 is with a step like this:

Install Gameloop Step 3.0 to avoid error

  • Before Uninstall make sure Gameloop is not running in Background check try in Toolbar
  • Download and install Gameloop via official web link (link below)
  • Download and install directly can grab free fire or Gameloop later AOW will be downloaded automatically
  • Make sure you install Gameloop on drive D why? To keep that drive C is indeed at specializing in system windows
  • Run as admin when installation so that there is no error file
  • Enjoy the game Full Ultra-flat right all games (except PUBG)

The best setting for this gameloop we are used to using for a record or stream we need the right to align specs in the emulator and maximize the lightweight recording application in its RECORDS. Can OBS or any other to all applications enter the opensource category.

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