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Characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages of Star topology

Characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages of Star topology - Topology? Anyone know what is a topology, who know the world of computer network must already know what is topology. Well, who does not know ya what is a computer network topology read the following.
Characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages of Star topology

Definition of Computer network topology

Network topology is a way or concept structure to connect multiple or many computers that make up a computer network.

And every kind of computer network topology will be different in terms of speed of data transmission, cost, as well as ease in the installation process.

Well, this time already on know what is a topology, now will give a review of Star topology characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages in Star topology. Read more here.

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Characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages of Star topology

Star topology

Just like the name is star or star, this topology is star-shaped and in this topology is one of network topology that usually use switch/hub to connect client one with another client.

For those of you who want to know what are the characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages of a star topology, more can see the following reviews.

Characteristics of Star topology

  • The transmission medium used in this type of topology, forming a closed path, and each workstation has its cable to directly connect to the file server so that later the entire system will not fail when there is one cable on the workstation is interrupted.
  • It is easy to develop, as each node only has a cable that directly connects to the central node.
  • It can be used cable that is "lower grade ", because it only holds one data traffic, usually used UTP cable. The nodes are connected directly to a central node (usually a hub), making it easy to develop.
  • The advantage of the star topology is that if one node cable is disconnected, the other nodes will not be interrupted.
  • Has a high level of security.

Advantages of Star topology

  • Pretty good security
  • If one computer crashes, then the network in this topology will continue to run and does not affect other computers
  • Flexible
  • Ease of detecting problems with the network
  • Easy to add or expand connections

Lack of Star topology

  • Cost is quite expensive
  • If the switch/hub is damaged, then all computers connected to this topology also have problems
  • Requires a lot of cables
  • All connections depend on the central Terminal

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Well now you guys already know what is the characteristic of star topology and also know the advantages and disadvantages of star topology.

Hopefully with this article can be useful to you, especially those who want to know more about the Star network topology.