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The complete guide of how to become a successful and clever person

Who doesn't want to be a successful and clever person? Moreover, we want to have a life that can make others happy especially our parents.
The complete guide of how to become a successful and clever person

What is success?

Many people who call successful people are people who have many treasures, some say that successful people are acting or famous people.

They are not wrong, why? Since they define that success based on the indicator if in my view the success is reaching for what we want to be ideals or targets in our lives.

We live must have ideals, with our ideals can be motivated to be more active to show that we can achieve what we want to be.

How can we continue to achieve our goals? The way depends on each one if he is intent, effort, and accompaniment to want to be a successful person and can achieve the ideals that Dingikan InsyAllah will follow us.

But if a person who is just silent does not want his efforts, intentions, and prayers he will be the one who cannot reach his dreams.

Imagine? Suppose you want to be a successful person you just think that success is already there which is determine and we are told to be silent just so, it is a very wrong thing because it must have been, PRAYER, INTENTION, AND BUSINESS If we just remain silent on what we get to be successful.

If we do want to be able to achieve the goals we can do nothing is impossible in this world as long as we want the effort, the name of people learn from those who can not be able, from those who do not know to be tau, from those who do not understand to be understood, which from do not understand to be understood.

What is the capital of a successful person? Okay more see the following.

Basic Capital Success

Believe it or not the basic capital for success there are two namely hard skills and soft skills (attitude).

The sense of Hard Skill is the technical ability that can be obtained by effort or self-study through education/training.

The sense of Soft Skill is the ability to manage yourself relating to emotional intelligence, the personality of SCIAP, social skills, and communication.

Examples of Soft skills are:
  • Communication skills
  • Solving Problems & Critical thinking
  • Active listeners
  • Ability to connect with others
  • Ability to manage time

Okay, I would love a Hard Skill example combined with Soft Skill, note the following if you want to be a successful blogger, then it takes the Hard skills that you have to master, among others, write, build email list, learn Search Engine Optimization (SEO), create products, and determine the topics or content that you want to target.

Meanwhile, Soft skills that you must master are confident, not afraid of being wrong, not afraid of competing, optimistic, adaptation, cooperation, and your response to criticism.

Of this two capital you can combine hard skills and soft skills, according to the research of Harvard University soft skill determines 80% of one's success.

So Soft Skill is a crucial role for you to have an eye on success, with us wanting to be a successful person we should be able to master our Soft skills or our hard skills.

Stages of becoming successful people

1. Rest assured that you can succeed

Start by convincing ourselves that success we can accomplish, why? Because if you can be a sure successful success it will be able to achieve that success easily.

Distinguish it from someone who does not have to be a successful person, then he will not be able to achieve that success.

2. Set a goal

After you have convinced yourself to be a successful person, now is the time you make a goal, this goal can be short term (for example 1 year or 1 month) and long term (suppose 5 or 10 years.

What should be your goal? Suppose we want to target or set a goal to be able to grow your business online, then you should be able to make your business online so that you can get the goal for it.

To make the goal not just a fantasy, you have to assign it by following SMART criteria that are Specific (specific), Measurable (can be measured), Achievable (achievable), Relevant (relevant), and Time-bound (there is a deadline).

Don't worry if you are not familiar with SMART principles, the examples below can help you understand them.

Let's say you're a successful businessman, you can write a book on "How to become a successful entrepreneur", then you have to create the following two objectives:
  • Goal 1: Write a book
  • Goal 2: Write the first draft of the book on how to become a successful entrepreneur throughout 10,000 words from September 30 – October 9, 2017.

Of these goals, which one meets the SMART criteria? Of course the second goal, the following is:
  • Specific: Writing the First Draft book on how to become a successful entrepreneur
  • Measurable: 10,000 words
  • Achievable: Yes, by writing 1,000 words a day
  • Relevant: Relevant with entrepreneur profession
  • Time-Bound: 30 September – 9 October 2017

3. Create an action plan

SMART's goal is to give you an idea of what we're going to achieve, the picture becomes clearer when you create a map (action plan) to achieve that goal.

How to make a way to sleep? Easy, all you need to do is identify and write steps towards that goal.

In the example goal above, the actions of the action can be like the following:

NoAction PlanDate
1Validate Book Topic IdeasSeptember 17th, 2017
2Book Topic Research18-19 September 2017
3Create a skeleton book20 September 2017
4Create a book title20 September 2017
5Writing the first draft 1,000 words a day30 September – 9 October 2017

In order not to forget, place the plan of action in place that you easily see, for example, you print the plan and put it in front of your desk.

4. Action

All targets can be nonsense if you do not act or prove that the target can be faced, therefore act according to the course of action that you have made.

How to act? Enter an action plan for your important book or your daily to-do list.

In the example above, your to-do list on September 16th can be as follows:
  • Validating topic ideas (1 hour)
  • Answering reader questions (30 minutes)
  • Write a book (2 hours)

In the preposition, do your priority task first, then strikethrough the task after you finish in your to-do list or you can also update the X on the calendar date.

5. Review your

The fifth step is reviewing or review all of the actions that you have been doing, why should this be done?

Because with us reviewing, you can tell if you are walking on the right track or vice versa.

6. Follow up

Once known cause the problem, then follow up to remove the cause. For example, the cause of the problem you can not write the target is because you lack sleep.

So set the sleeping hours enough, so your body will be fresh and you can be able to act more productively.

7. Grateful with success

Once you act hard and intelligently, you'll achieve that success, and then be grateful for that success.

You can do it by giving thanks and praying to God according to your beliefs, or you can also treat the food to family, friends or orphans.

As you can see, that the way of becoming a successful person is as simple as it is, everyone could do it because there is nothing possible in this world as long as we want the effort.

20 ways to become a successful and wealthy person

  1. Decide to be an accomplished person
  2. Take advantage of all that will help you achieve your goals
  3. Your attitude determines your position
  4. Average legal effectiveness for you
  5. Rest assured yourself and rest assured you can achieve your dreams
  6. Use the power of your choosing
  7. Think about empowering things
  8. Rest assured that everything you experience means
  9. Focus your efforts
  10. Believe Self
  11. Get rid of negative thoughts from the beginning
  12. Control your own life
  13. Learn others to create an equally profitable situation
  14. Learn from your mistakes and position yourself to win
  15. Duplicate your fate failures and you will double your success
  16. Always set goals
  17. Commit to sustainable self-development
  18. Honesty is very profitable
  19. Arise from Recess
  20. Be the one who acts

Well, that's the information I give how to be a successful and rich person, hopefully, with the information, I give you can motivate you to be a successful and rich person if you like this article you can share with friends You. And do not forget to leave a comment yes.

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