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Definition of a modem, modem function, and Modem type

Definition of a modem, modem function, and Modem type - Okay, this time I will give IT-related materials again, especially in Networking or networking, so for those of you who aspire to be a Networking you should know deeper, what the Networking is, continue what the tools in the networking are.

So there are a lot of tools in the network that you should know such as Router, NIC, Repeater, Switch, Modem and etc.
Definition of a modem, modem function, and Modem type

Especially with the development of times that have been equipped with technologies that have been increasingly sophisticated especially for Internet technology.

And the Internet is also a need for life to be able to search for the source of information that has been provided by the Internet, for example, when looking for information through Google.

Diamana Internet already has a wide range and can even be accessed all over the world, well our Internet development is already easy to access. This Internet signal provider tool is called a Modem.

Do you guys already know what is a modem? Because this modem is used to access the Internet.

And with this modem need in accessing an Internet becomes easier even very influential both make Internet-related performance will become increasingly easy.

But do you guys already know what is the meaning of modem? what are the functions and types of the modem? Want to know what the answer, more can see the following "Definition of modems, functions, and types of Modem on the Internet network".

Definition of Modem

What is a modem? So this modem is an abbreviation of the Demodulator Modulator. Where these two words mean Modulator that serves to convert information signal into signals of readers who are ready to be sent, whereas in the sense of the Demodulator is a part to separate the information signal from the signal of a well-received reader.

Or in other sense, the modem is a kind of two-way communication tool.

Modem function

In general, the modem serves as hardware or hardware that is useful to change the 2-way communication is by converting the digital signal into an analog signal and vice versa. In other Funsi Modem are:

Connect device Online
Digital Signal changer tool to Analog signal
Conducting Data packet inspection and communication
Conducting modulation and demodulation activities
Compress Data sent through signals

Types of modems

1. Internal Modem

What is a Modem (Modulator/Demodulator)
So how the hell does the internal modem work? So if the data has arrived on the intended modem then this analog signal will be changed back into a digital signal and delivered directly to the PC/computer.

2. External Modem

Modem: What is a Modem? Types of Modems
What the heck is an external Modem? An external modem is a tool that is used for computers to access the Internet where data originating from a computer in the form of a digital signal will be converted into an analog signal.

So if the modem receives an analog signal data will be converted into a digital signal then it will be further processed by the computer.

This analog signal can be sent using telecommunication media such as radio and telephone.

3. GSM Modem

What is Modem?
What is a GSM Modem? A GSM modem is a type of modem that uses cell phone system media to transfer data.

GSM Modem is usually supported by using a connection card that supports the provider that has the properties of GSM.

4. ISDN Modem

What Are the Functions of Modems?
What is an ISDN Modem? ISDN Modem is the abbreviation of the Integrated Service Digital Network is a telecommunication system in a service that is data, sound, and image that will be integrated into a network, where this network provides Digital connectivity that has a wide scope of services.

5. Analog Modem

What Is a Modem in Computer Networking?
What is an Analog Modem? As the name implies, this analog modem as a tool to form an analog signal will then be converted into a digital signal.

6. ADSL Modem

What is a Modem and how does the modem work?
What is an ADSL Modem? ADSL Modem comes from the abbreviation Asymmetric Digital Subscribe Line is a tool to access the Internet and use analog phone simultaneously.

Where the way it is used is assisted by using a connective tool is commonly called Splitter.

The function of Splitter on ADSL is to eliminate the interference so that later the result will be able to run simultaneously, IE can use the Internet and can also be able to use a normal phone. But don't collide with each other.

7. Cable Modem

What is a Modem - How Do Modems Work - How to Buy a
What is a Cable Modem? A cable modem is a type of modem that is used to receive data directly from a service provider through a cable TV.

8. Wireless Modem

Search Results Web results How does a modem work?
What is a Wireless Modem? Wireless or commonly called wireless is a technology that connects 2 devices to be able to exchange data without cable media.

The way wireless modem Works is: Data is exchanged through certain light wave media such as infrared technology on the TV remote or radio waves such as Bluetooth on a computer or mobile phone with a certain frequency.

9. CDMA Modem

modem | Definition, Development, & Facts
What is a CDMA Modem? So CDMA modem is a type of modem that uses the frequency of CDMA 800 MHz or CDMA 1x.

Even the latest CDMA modem can now use the EVDO Rev-A frequency or the 3G equivalent and the most recent one is currently developing a CDMA MODEM with an EVDO Rev-B frequency.

Well, that's an explanation of the definition of Modem, Modem function, and Modem type, hopefully, the existence of this article can be useful to you especially those who want to know more about a Modem.

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