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Fix Youtube Upload Video Error Invalid Request Authentication Expired

Fix Youtube Upload Video Error Invalid Request Authentication Expired - So we will discuss why SI when uploading Youtube video appears exclamation mark or Notif red Invalid Request Authentication Expired? After we wander through looking for a variety of info about this we finally get an overview of why these notifications arise.

Well as we experienced this notification appears when we upload a video quality 1080 60 fps 4-minute duration with size 5GB More, when the video is almost finished the upload process precisely in the number 5% appears Notikasi Invalid Request Authentication Expired with a sign that exclamation. If we re-upload will be longer because almost 2 hours of upload, for those of you who have this thing quietly we will give a tutorial plus the cause.

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Tutorial How to fix Video Upload Youtube Invalid Request Authentication Expired

Error Invalid Request Authentication Expired is caused by our account that changed the channel, unconsciously when we have 2 channels example channel A Upload process, Channel B not in the process of uploading. Incidentally, comments are going to the Chanel B, we immediately reply and change the channel in the creator's account studio and we forgot not to return to channels A. When the upload of channel A is almost complete there will be such notif because the creator Studio account that login is different. The handle is pretty straightforward:
Fix Youtube Upload Video Error Invalid Request Authentication Expired
  1. Do not close the Upload tab even if there is an Invalid Request Authentication Expired Notification
  2. Please change Channel to Youtube (YouTube channel upload)
  3. Re-check video description, title, tag or add Thumbnail
  4. Please publish as usual because automatic error notification is lost

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Easy enough is not so core we find error notification Invalid Request Authentication Expired because the YouTube channel that uploaded is signed out or changed to other channels.

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