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Definition, Functions, workways, and types of routers

Definition, Functions, workways, and types of routers - Okay, this time I will give IT-related materials, especially in the field of Networking, so for you who aspire to be a network technician, you must know more in the Dong what Networking it, continue what the tools in the networking.

So here I will explain Router first, so this router is a network tool that must be used in networking activities.
Understanding, Functions, workways, and types of routers

So for you guys who want to know more about your Router see the following explanation yes "Definition, how it works, type and function of routers".

Definition of Routers

So what is a router? Routers are hardware devices in a computer network that can be used to connect multiple networks of the same or different segments.

Routers are also tools to send packets in through the network or the Internet to be able to reach its destination or commonly referred to as the Routing process.

The routing process itself occurs in layers 3 of 7 layers of OSI Layer, routers are sometimes used to connect two networks that use different media, such as from Ethernet to Token Ring. And that is the notion of routers.

Router functions

A router has the main function is to divide or distribute IP address both the static and DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) to all computers connected to the router.

The presence of a unique IP Address provided by the router to each computer can enable each computer to be connected and to communicate either on the LAN or the Internet.

At this time the router devices have been very sophisticated and modern. To distribute an IP address to each computer on a network, the router function is not only able to connect with LAN cable connection, but it can be wireless technology. Thus the router at this time can be connected to any PC, laptop, gadget, a smartphone that is at the reach of the router. Simply make use of a radio wave emitted by the router. That's the router function.

For more details here are some functions of Router, among others, as follows:

  1. The main function of the Router is to connect multiple networks to pass data from a network to another network. But the router is different from Switch, because if Switch is only used to connect multiple computers and form a LAN (Local Area Network). While the Router can be used to connect between one LAN and another LAN.
  2. The Router can also function to transfer information from one network to another that the system works just like Bridge.
  3. The Router can also serve to connect a local network to a regular DDL connection is also called a DSL Router. This router generally has a firewall function to be able to perform packet filtering based on the source as well as the destination address of the package, but not all routers have the same function. Routers that have firewall features can also be referred to as a Packet – Filtering Router. The general function of this router is blocking data traffic that will be transmitted on a broadcast basis to prevent broadcast storms that can cause network performance to slow down.
  4. Read the address logic/IP address source & destination to be able to determine the routing from a LAN to another LAN.
  5. Save the routing table to determine the best route between the LAN network to WAN.
  6. It can be a "Box" or an OS that can run a Routing daemon.

How the Router works

Routers work by routing a package or data information called a route. With the routing technique, the router can know the direction of the route that the information is going to go, whether it is on one network or different. If the intended information leads to a different network, then the router will pass it on to the network, or conversely if the package to be addressed is the same network, then the router will prevent the packet exit and forward the packet with routing on the same network until it is sent to the destination.

Here's how the Router works illustration

What is a Router? How do Routers work?
In the picture above, there are two networks connected in the router. A network that is on the left is connected to the Port 1 router that has IP address and on the network that is on the right that is connected to Port 2 router has an IP address

  • Computer A sends data to computer C, the router will not be able to pass the data to other networks.
  • Similarly, when the computer F sends a data packet to the computer 3, the router will not be able to forward the data packet to the other network.
  • Only when the computer F sends a data packet to computer B, the router will be able to forward the data packet to computer B.

Types of routers

1. Application Router

What Are the Different Types of Routers?
This application Router is an application that you can install on a computer operating system, so that the computer system will be able to work like a router, such as an app WinGate, Winroute, WinProxy, SpyGate, etc.

2. Hardware Router

Router: Definition, advantages & functions
Hardware router is a hardware that has the capabilities of such a router, then with such hardware, we can divide the IP Adress.

Router hardware can be used to divide the Internet network in a region, for example from this router is an access point, the region that gets IP Address and internet connection called Hot Spot Area.

3. PC Router

What is a router, and how does it work?
PC router is a computer that is modified in such a way that it can be used as a router.

To be able to make a PC router should not use a computer with high specifications.

Computer with a two-processor Pentium, 10 GB hard drive and 64 ram and the availability of LAN CARD can be used as a PC router.

The computer that is used as this router must be installed first with a special operating system for the router. The most popular operating system for the current PC Router is Mikrotik.

Well, that's an explanation of understanding routers, Router functions, how routers work and types of routers, hopefully, the existence of this article can be useful to you especially those who want to know more about a Router.