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How to easily clean Shortcut CMD Virus

How to easily clean Shortcut CMD Virus - Who is not annoyed when I encounter this Virus, this Virus usually writes to a device via Flashdisk or other storage media.
How to easily clean Shortcut CMD Virus

Hence when the flash is connected to a computer or laptop, the virus will transmit the device.

Sebenernya Antivirus Many can solve this one shortcut virus, but the problem is how if on a PC or laptop it has no Antivirus?.

For that, I will give another way to overcome this one virus that is using CMD.

Okay just go see "How to remove a Shortcut Virus".

How to eliminate Virus Shortcut in Flashdisk with CMD

  1. First Flash Plug the virus affected shortcut, next open Command Prompt (CMD) How to press the key combination Windows + R.
    How to Remove Shortcut Virus from PC/Laptop in Windows 10/8/7
  2. Then when it has appeared to the command prompt page, you check first where the Flash is located in the data C, D, E, F or G.
    How to remove shortcut virus removel from my pc?
  3. For example, your Flashdisk is located in G, eat you must type G: Then press the ENTER key.
    How to Remove Shortcut Virus in USB using CMD
  4. Then type the following command attrib-S-h-R-A *. */s/d and wait for the process a while.
    How can I remove a shortcut virus permanently from my laptop without any software?
  5. After that the process is complete, and all the folders that have been hidden or omitted will appear again.
    Remove Shortcut Virus from USB, Pen Drive, SD Card, Hard Drive

Well, that's the trick to clean the virus shortcut on the FlashDisk, hopefully, this time the tips can be practiced directly at home or can you share with your friends.

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