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Review more about Coding or programming languages

Review more about Coding or programming languages - For those of you who want to aspire to become a programmer, you must be able to master the science of coding or the term programming language. So what the heck is coding and programming language that?
Review more about Coding or programming languages

Definition of Coding

Coding is a process of writing, testing and repairing, and maintaining code that will build a computer program. Well, this code is written in a wide variety of programming languages. What does programming language go?

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Definition of programming languages

Programming languages or often referred to as computer language terms or computer programming languages is a standard for instructing computers. This programming language is a set of syntax and semantic rules used to define a computer program.

Then what are the programming language examples? Okay, this time Laptopsiipat will give 10 examples of popular programming languages in Indonesia, more see the following.

The programming language function is to instruct the computer to process the data according to the thought flow we want.

The output of the programming language is a program or application. Examples such as programs used by the cashier in the malls or supermarkets, the use of traffic lights on highways, etc.

In general, the programming language is divided into 4 groups:
  • Object-Oriented Language (Visual dBase, Visual FoxPro, Delphi, Visual C)
  • High-Level Language (such as Pascal and Basic)
  • Middle-Level Language (such as C language), and
  • Low-Level Language (such as Assembly language)

According to its generation, the programming language is classified into 4 generations:
  • 1st generation: Machine language
  • 2nd generation: assembly language: Assembler
  • 3rd generation: High-Level programming language, Example: C and Pascal
  • 4:4 Generation GL (fourth-generation language), for example, SQL
  • 5th generation: Programming Language Based Object-Oriented & Web Development

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10 popular programming languages in Indonesia

1. Java

What is Java? Java is a programming language that can be run across multiple platforms, from computers to mobile devices.

The programming language was originally developed on The Green Project in the year 1991 by the Sun Microsystem, which was removed from hand to Oracle.

The Java name itself is thought of as one of the founders of Java, James Gosling, he loved the pure coffee directly ground from the grinding machine or coffee tubruk term where the coffee is derived from the island of Java in Indonesia for that programming language is given the name JAVA.

Java has become one of the most popular programming languages because the programming language has many advantages such as it can run on different operating systems, then the programming language is also included in the OOP programming or also called object-orientation programming so that programmers will be easier to construct the main to use this language.

Also, the programming language has a complete library that will greatly facilitate the programmer in managing and organizing a program.

Moreover, the era is increasingly sophisticated in which the Android smartphone is already widely used, and the application in this smartphone is built using Java language, so many programmers who use this language because it is being used a lot.

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2. PHP

PHP or stands for PHP Hypertext Pre-processor is the most widely used programming language in Indonesia. In addition to its free usage, PHP is widely used because this programming language includes server-side scripting which is designed to build dynamic websites.

Also, many reputable websites use PHP such as Facebook, Wordpress, or Digg.

PHP was first developed by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1995. At this time PHP is still named Form Interpreted (FI), which forms a set of scripts used to process form data from the Web.

3. C

The C programming language is included as one of the oldest programming languages ever. The language was developed from around the 70s. Language maker C is Dennis Ritchies.

The C language is also one of the popular programming languages in Indonesia, as most of IT has been used in this language for the first time before studying the other programming languages.

It is not without the reason that this C language is the basis to be learned in another programming language, because it is a "father" of other programming languages such as C#, C++, Java, etc.

4. Visual Basic

Visual Basic is a programming language developed by a multinational company that is Microsoft.

The programming language offers a visual IDE in software creation, and the programming language is developed to build Windows-based software. Visual Basic itself is descended from the BASIC programming language.

A survey institute in 2005 showed 62% that software developers are using Visual Basic in its Software development, so it makes Visual Basic one of the most desirable or popular strikers.

5. Python

In the Python programming language, levels are included in high-level languages. Python is also one of the programming languages that can build Web-based and mobile-based applications.
This Python language also includes a programming language that is easy to learn for beginners, as it is easy to read with syntax that is easy to understand as well.

It's a huge company that uses Python in its developers such as Pinterest, Instagram, and Rdio. Python is also used by developers such as Yahoo, Google, and also NASA.

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6. C++

C++ is a programming language developed by Bjarne Stroustrup, discussed this is a programming language from C and C++.

Both of these programming languages have almost identical writing syntax, so both of these languages also have a difference in problem-solving.

In C the problem solving is done with divide into a sub-sub problem which is smaller or commonly called a procedural programming language, whereas for C++ object-oriented where Permalasahan is divided into class.

C++ is also a popular programming language because many major software companies use this language to develop software such as Firefox, Adobe, and Winamp which is now the developer has been discontinued.

7. JavaScript

Javascript is a programming language developed by Netscape. The use of JavaScript, for now, is mostly on the development of the web.

Using this one language we can create an interactive and engaging web.

In Indonesia, for now, many major companies use this one programming language is JavaScript.

8. C#

C# is a programming language developed by Microsoft. It combines the principles of C and C++.

C# is widely used to develop software using the Windows platform.

9. Objective-C

Objective-C is an object-oriented programming language. This programming language is widely used for the development of applications used on Apple-based devices, even the iOS operating system is developed using this one programming language.

10. ActionScript

ActionScript is a programming language created based on ECMAScript that can be used in website development and software using the Adobe Flash Player platform.

This programming language is also used in some data-driven applications, such as Alpha Five. The language was originally developed by Macromedia, but it is now owned and continued by the development of Adobe, which gave Macromedia in 2005 ago.

For in Indonesia the programming language is becoming popular because of the many Flash-based developers who of course use ActionScript for Coding purposes.

Well, that's some 10 examples of programming languages that are popular in Indonesia, although many other programming languages are not covered here.

Well, many people ask why the benefits of coding it? Even coding it just so simply and instead make a headache, no this time Laptopsiipat will give information NIH ie "Benefits of Coding for ourselves" more see the following yes.

Benefits of Coding

1. Exercise thoroughness

Why can practice thoroughness? Because in that coding we need to be thorough in doing activities that are coding because in the coding process we must be thorough to observe the hundreds of lines of code that can be in a program.

So Gini imagines you have written a line-up of code and there is one line that forgot we love closing syntax like Semicolon (;). Well, it can have a bad impact because one word or cover it forgot then the program will not be able to run.

Well for that in coding activity some benefits can train thoroughness.

2. Training your Mind

Why can you train your mind? So in the coding activity, it's not just like learning a new language like Korean, English, and so on. Because in that coding we also have to train our logic to build an algorithm. So the goal in application creation is to simplify the problem to be faster and more effective in completing it, so you are required to have strong logic to solve problems by building a main Strong.

3. Develop self-potential

Why can you develop your potential? For example just like this, as a problem solver, programmers are in demand to be able to master many fields so that it is necessary to always learn what he does not know, this is because
  • This programming language itself is always evolving, for example, HTML that is now already in version 5 so we have to learn more about what new features.
  • We can also suspect what application the client requested, suddenly, suppose that you were asked to make an application about the system that you did not know before, for that you are in demand to always learn to be able to take an application that You don't know before

Well, that's why coding has benefits that can develop the potential of self because if we want to be a programmer we also have to learn what we do not know before, because in coding it a lot of science that you have to learn.

Learning Coding Sites

  1. Coursera
  2. Github
  3. Codecademy
  4. Udemy
  5. edX
  6. The Khan Academy
  7. Code Avengers
  8. W3schools.com

Well, that's a complete explanation of Definition of Coding, Definition of programming languages, examples of programming languages, Coding benefits, learning Coding sites.

Hopefully with this article can be useful to all of you, especially those who want to know more about coding and to learn to code.