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Collection of secret code tricks play PES 2017

Collection of secret code tricks play PES 2017 - Hello Buddy PES 2017! Who is not about this one game namely PES 2017 or the stands of Pro Evolution Soccer, PES 2017 is a video game sport developed by PES Productions and published by Konami for Microsoft Windows, Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox360.
Collection of secret code tricks play PES 2017

Moreover, this game is now very popular among children, teenagers, and even adults who are very fond of this game.

Actually to do the secret tips and tricks of playing this pes2017 game just apply the code to the Joy Stik that you use to play PEs, in doing the trick of playing pes2017 it is advisable for you guys who are just playing it alone and are not advised to play cheating when duels because it will harm the opponent hehe.

Well for you guys who know what are the secret code tricks play PES2017 This is a good idea to listen to how much code I will give the article below, and do not forget when you want to use this code is advised to use quickly should not be delayed for a long time, because the fear can later fail.

Secret Code tricks play PES 2017

1. Dribble Tricks PES2017/2018

  • Rainbow Flick: Press and hold L2, and press the right analog 2 times
  • Diagonal Bounce: Press and hold the L2 key, point the right analog to the left and analog left to top right
  • Ball Roll 1: Press and hold the L2 key, point the lower right analog
  • Backheel Feint: Press and hold the L2 key, then turn the 1/4 right analog of the left to the top and the left analog towards the bottom
  • Front flick: Press and hold the L2 key, press the right analog and left analog point to the top left
  • Heel chop: Press and hold the L2 key, then point the upper right analog and left to the top of the
  • Ball Roll 2: Press and hold L2, point the right analog down and then up.

2. Defensive Tips and Tricks (defensive) in PES2017/2018

  • Press the X + L2 key, useful to do Pressing/suppress your opponent.
  • Press the X + R2 + L2 keys simultaneously, useful to close the opponent's movements.
  • Press the X + R2 keys simultaneously, useful to pay the wind of the opponent's movements when opposed to the ball.

3. Freekick (Free kick trick) PES2017/2018

  • Press L1 and R1 at the same time.
  • Press and hold down the directional key, then press the box key with a power gauge of about 60%, then immediately release the lower directional button and replace pressing the X + direction and the ball will go down.
  • Hover then press the lower button and L1 and then the box before kicking (when the bar is still appearing) press X eat the ball later will melt the bottom of the lead, see the statistics of the number of the more stars and high numbers the Good result of the kick, hover the shot then press up and L1 and the box before kicking (when the bar still appears) press the triangle then the ball will glide heavily towards the top corner.

4. Trick Kicking Penalty PES 2017/2018

  • At the goalkeeper position, we simply press the box button (directly removed) then wait a while until the player moves to approach the ball.
  • Once the player is in a position near the ball, then we push the up/down direction button by pressing it until the player kicks the ball.

5. Additional Code tricks PES 2017/2018

  • Cara One-Two Pes 2017: while running press L1 and X before receiving a triangular press ball while running press the L1 and X keys before receiving the ball press the box button (the ball is rather lifted).
  • The Back skill Press the L2 key and then press R3 (the right analog) twice.
  • Trick the enemy press L1 twice.
  • Dodge Tackling Press R2.
  • Super Cancel – To change the player's default run direction press R1 and R2 simultaneously and navigate to the player to the ball.
  • Carrying the ball and in the shadows the opponent variate always R1 and L2.
  • To make the kick to 2 people do press L1 and R1, and to pass the second to the kicker press the L1 and X keys.
  • Avoid enemies to try while avoiding always press R2 and combine it with L2.
  • Formations should use Firnasu 4-2-3-1, 4-3-3, 4-5-1 or formation according to the character of the team you are wearing.
  • Examples of dribbling combinations by utilizing the buttons R1, R2, and R3
  • R3 = Right Analog
  • R2 = Special Control
  • R1 = Dash
  • Flick = Press and hold the RS when the opponent player is hooked forward.
  • Sombrero = Press and hold the RS, then point the LS to the opposing player
  • Running Lift = While you are doing dribble, hold the RS and point LS to ↘ or ↗
  • Cross Over Turn = When dribble, point RS ↓ → ↓ LS or RS ↑ → LS ↑
  • Flip Flap = While dribble, point RS ↘ → LS or RS ↗ → LS ↘
  • Double Touch = RS ↓ → ~ LS or RS ↑ → LS →
  • Nutmeg = Hold R2 [as the opponent approaches], then R1 + RS towards your opponent
  • Run Around = Hold R2 [as opposed to approaching], then press R1 + LS ↘ or ↗
  • Deft Touch Dribble = R2 + LS
  • Manual Shot = L2 + LS + ☐
  • Manual Shot (Low) = L2 + LS + ☐ and Δ
  • Lofted Long Pass = Hold R2 then ◯

6. Secret button R2 in PES 2017/2018

The trick of the first PES 2014 years Yes F2, in the possession of the ball in PES 2016 is difficult, thereby where this R2 function is very important, R2 locks can be used to power the ball, and reinforce the balance of the player's body in a duel.

7. Secret Analog button Optimization right at PES2017/2018

The next PES 2017 trick is the analog function of the right button is in the latest cleanliness this is very important, we can press the R1 button to capture the body balance of the ball duel and move the right button will give physical contact with other players, otherwise, it can also reinforce the defense.

8. The secret to winning air duels in PES 2017/2018

When you receive the ball into the air, it will be difficult for us to make the air duel especially for the player who has a small posture, if you want to win an air duel, press the X button when the ball is still in the air, do not hold the R2 button while the player, as opposed to the goal, when the ball is still in the pressure tank in the air

9. Trick Dribble in PES 2017/2018

  • Frick = while retaining R3, another player that is connected to the front
  • LENS user = L2 + L3 + ☐
  • Run Rainbow Flick = Do not dribble, click R3 2X
  • Pala = Hold R2 [as the opponent approaches], then R1 + R3 to rival
  • Run Elevator = dribble, hold R3 and L3 navigation or ↗↘
  • Open = in the cross-dribble implementation, point ↓ → ↓ R3 L3 or R3 L3 ↑ ↑ →
  • Press and hold cap = R3 and L3 Point opponent
  • Diving = R1 + R2 + L1 + L2 + L3 + R3 (press)
  • Double touch = R3 ↓ → → L3 or R3 L3 ↑ → →
  • Hold rush = R2 [as the opponent approaches], then press R1 + L3 or ↗↘
  • Flip Flap = While doing dribble, point ↘ → R3 L3 or R3 L3 ↘↗ →
  • Long feed lofting = Hold R2 then with ◯
  • Touch-up dribbling = R2 + L3
  • User shooting (Low) = L2 + L3 + ☐ and Δ
  • Curling = ☐ + R2 [by ☐, then R2]

Well that's a collection of tricks secret code play PES2017 hopefully with the existence of this article can be useful to all of you who want to try a secret trick PES2017 but it is advisable not to use this method while being duels with friends or others because it can harm the opponent.

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