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Special Call Of Duty Mobile skills and functions

Special Call Of Duty Mobile skills and functions - Call Of Duty Mobile has one of the special skill features or if in-game is called Class. Well, there are many skills that we can utilize in addition to glider or ninja movement. Surely this skill so meta is important when playing in the Mode of BR (Battleroyale). The characters in this CODM Game do not have the skills but the skills can be added in a kind of Loadout, let's discuss in detail each of the skills and functions:

Special Call Of Duty Mobile skills and functions

1. Defender

Special Call Of Duty Mobile skills and functions
Similar to Gloowall if in FF games, or if in Cyber Hunter similar to Fork wall there is also the risk of something shield which can be a cover of the attack of enemy weapons. Shaped like a rather circular shield has a resistance to damage except for the bullet, to destroy the Defender is quite pretty difficult also somewhat long.

2. Mechanic

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This mechanic function is like a drone, this UAV is going to follow our movements but when there are enemies near we immediately detect it with direct color instead of on the map. Besides enemies, apparently with UAV, we can also see where mobile positions, enemy traps, and equipment are harmful possible.

3. Scout

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The function of this Scout is more to UAV, with the distance or circles that serve as the enemy tracker well besides being able to mark the enemies in the map using with this Scout enemy footprints can also look sophisticated as well.

4. The Clown

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This is most like, the Clown function called a puppet that can sing but when the doll in the live release would have a Zombie 4 people who surround the doll. Then when there is a new enemy zombie it will come to the enemy of the funny risk of this skill.

5. Medic

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The function is to create a small area where the character we can in his HP Backup while being critical enough useful anyway. Medic is so kind of a station healer when we war, besides healer medic area medic This could give an acceleration when the process of reviving the team is good too.

6. Ninja

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Well if this already knows possible, by using these ninja Tools we can move the place by using a rope, similar to a rope shuriken but the best one when we move using this ninja Skill there is such a cool blur speed effect.

6 skills are embedded in Call Of Duty Mobile in Battleroyalenya Mode because this skill only works when we play in BR mode different if in MP mode (Multiplayer) that we use is not a special skill but a special weapon like flame thrower or others.