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Types Of weapons in Call Of Duty Mobile Game

Types Of weapons in Call Of Duty Mobile Game - Call Of Duty Mobile in design refers to the PC version is a weapon on this Mobile version is very complex or complete yes. Not only AR or SMG but there are also for weapons types such as grenade launcher, Machine Gun, and many more. Therefore, we also need to discuss the type of weapons in this CODM, as well as a strategy or just an information enhancer about the Mobile version of COD games, let us discuss more.

This type of weapon in CODM games consists of 5 types of AR, LMG, SMG, Sniper, and Shotgun for the default, but if you are playing in Battleroyale mode there will be another addition to 6 that is a special type of weapon consisting of Rocket and Grenade Launcher. Continue to exist if you are playing in MP mode (Multiplayer) This special weapon will turn into the Tempest category, let us discuss each of his snacks.

Types Of weapons in Call Of Duty Mobile Game

1. Assault Rifle Call Of Duty Mobile

Types Of weapons in Call Of Duty Mobile Game
This type of AR weapon is suitable for rarely intermediate or mid-range but not as mid-sometimes in a match we use AR in two close and mid-range conditions. For the best weapon type AR, there is M4 and M16 with stable recoil. Yaps, you can read this type of weapon comparison and this kind of AR full review in the best AR gun List of CODM games.

2. Sub Machine Gun Call Of Duty Mobile

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Well even though we're a permanent AR user, it's good to know also with the SMG Weapon model of CODM for a close distance of SMG This is strong enough because the fire rate is indeed the main advantage of SMG, for SMG PDW ranks first with the highest damage power From the other SMG, well but if we feel the recoil of this weapon is a bit off for a distance that is a bit far away is still a good M4 AR.

3. Light Machine Gun Call Of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty: Mobile Weapons Tier List - Best Guns in COD: Mobile
We meet LMG or Light Machine Gun CODM, the weapon is a machine gun type but still a little small in its understanding LMG is a machine gun weapon that can still be covered by the hand like Rambo. The best type of LMG and high damage power ie S36 is quite potent for burst damage to enemies while in Match.

4. Sniper Call Of Duty Mobile

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Favorite weapons of PUBG users, best partner with M4 well in CODM many weapons with pretty cool damage, but there are unique in this type of sniper there are weapons that have a specialty deadly chest up or if we are interpreted if shooting the chest or above auto knock the enemy. This weapon is DLQ33 guns with the highest damage in Call Of Duty mobile games But there is also a favorite of the sniper, NIH is Arctic 50 The best guns that are in the second-order many players who use the Arctic 50 weapon type for the mode MP or Br.

5. Shotgun Call Of Duty Mobile

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Although this weapon is rarely used in Match, for damage from SG we can not forget for the close distance SG is a king of close range Moreover Sakti from SMG, but we need also the accuracy when using it different with SMG where we can burst random. The strongest weapon for this type of SG is in HS0405 this weapon is like a traditional shotgun but with the highest damage in its class.

6. Special Weapon Call Of Duty Mobile

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The special weapon is an extra weapon, or additional features because of the two modes either BR or MP has different special weapons. For BR mode Special weapons are the Grenade Launcher and rocket can be found in the Supply AirDrop, while for the MP mode Special weapons can be set in the Skill Operator in the loadout settings.

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