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11 Casino Crm Software No Mammal would Ever Be Able To Digest

11 Casino Crm Software No Mammal would Ever Be Able To Digest

11 Casino Crm Software No Mammal would Ever Be Able To Digest

The house, they say, always wins. When it comes to games of chance, casinos do have the upperhand. But businesses in the casino and gaming industry don’t compete only with their customers. They are, after all, businesses. As such they also compete for their customers against others in their industry. In the context of competition within the gambling industry, no particular “house” always wins. It’s an ongoing and highly competitive game … with something like $70B on the table!

In the competition for customers, casinos have many tools at their disposal. Comps—free gifts given to customers from casinos—are used to woo new customers, keep existing customers at the tables or slot machines longer, and keep high-rollers from rolling down the strip to a competitor’s casino. But comps are hardly a new tool. They’ve been around so long they’re now an expected part of the casino experience. They’re so commonplace that they’ve lost a little of their power as a competitive differentiator.

Casinos have therefore been branching out with their customer relationship strategies. They’ve been turning to a variety of software solutions to help them provide better, more tailored customer experiences. Gaming and casino customer relationship management (CRM) software is one such solution, offering casinos the upper hand as they compete with one another for customers.

In this Buyer’s Guide we look at gaming and casino CRM software and answer the following questions:

  • What Is Gaming and Casino CRM Software?
  • What are the Common Features of Gaming and Casino CRM Software?
  • How to Evaluate Gaming and Casino CRM Software?

What Is Gaming and Casino CRM Software?

Gaming and casino customer relationship management (CRM) software helps casino managers monitor their most important asset: their customers. Casino CRM software focuses on customer service, marketing and customer analytics. It allows managers to track the relative value of repeat customers, and then target specific promotions and rewards based on player potential and preferences.

Much of the value of gaming and casino CRM software comes from these targeting and tracking capabilities. Tracking a customer’s wins and losses, preferences and pet peeves, allow the casino to deliver extremely targeted perks and comps, while also gaining greater insight into the profitability of their various customers and customer segments.

The immediate effect of tracking and targeting is a more personalized customer experience for individual gamblers. But as tracking and targeting are refined and perfected over time, the net effect is an improved (relative to other casinos) customer experience for all customers and the casino creates a new competitive differentiator, tipping the odds in their favor.

What are the Common Features of Gaming and Casino CRM Software?

In addition to core CRM functionality, gaming and casino CRM software will often include some or all of the following features, ensuring casinos have tools tailored to their specific industry needs.


Perhaps the most critical functionality for a casino, analytical applications provide specific data on how games are performing relative to certain customer segments. They can also provide more general information on tables, players and game performance, as well as where the most revenue and profit is being generated.

Loyalty management

By categorizing customers according to segmentation codes (“coding customers”), identifying customer segments, and measuring the value and opportunity within each segment, the casino can build a personal relationship with their VIP players while maximizing the profitability of their rank-and-file clientele.

Marketing campaigns

If your customer spent all weekend at the blackjack tables, there’s no sense sending him a mailing about the craps table. Since the customer’s data is all being recorded, it’s easier than ever to create marketing campaigns targeted to specific individuals.

Hospitality integration

Since most casinos are tied to hotels, connecting your gaming software to your other systems can vastly increase the efficiency of your operation. When customers make a reservation online, the information transfers directly to the front desk staff who check the customer in and issue a loyalty card. Then all of the customer’s preferences tie into future marketing efforts.
It’s important to remember that these features can sometimes blur together—for example, loyalty and marketing functions might be combined—and can be given different names from different vendors. Buyers are advised to read product details carefully and to reach out to vendors for clarification whenever needed.

How to Evaluate Gaming and Casino CRM Software?

There are many factors to consider when selecting CRM software to be used in the gaming industry. When evaluating your gaming/casino software, start by considering the following questions:

Does your organization just need CRM, or do you require a system that can manage sales, marketing and support for other areas of the hospitality industry?
Are there any specific challenges your company faces while managing existing customer relationships? Are customers or customer-facing employees expressing any particular issues or workflow inefficiencies?
Will the software need to integrate with back-office legacy systems such as accounting to pull customer data for analysis or marketing?
Does your organization operate from one location or multiple locations? Will the software need to support deployment across multiple locations? Will it be managed from one location or several?
Are you using Twitter and Facebook to communicate with customers? Does the software have a tool to support that communication?
What types of reporting features will you need? Will casino management prefer to receive regular reports on key customer metrics, or will they prefer to have a centralized dashboard they can view anytime?

11 Casino Crm Software No Mammal would Ever Be Able To Digest

#1 Casino Crm Software : About Five9 Cloud Contact Center

Five9 is an all-in-one cloud contact center solution for inbound, outbound, blended and omnichannel contact centers world-wide. 

Powered by Practical AI, Five9 enables agents to provide customer experiences across phone, email, chat, mobile, social and more. 

The AI-driven Five9 Engagement Workflow uses NLP and intelligent routing to get customers to the right agent while Five9 Genius derives customer intent data to provide agents with next step guidance before they pick up the phone. Four adjustable dialing modes skip no-answers and busy signals to triple agent talk time. 

Five9’s IVR with speech recognition can be used for common customer inquiries to free up agents for high-value interactions. Monitor, analyze and report on the contact center’s performance with real-time metrics and dashboards, and automatically sync all interactions with CRM. 

The contact center can be up and running in a matter of days and can be scaled up or down based on business needs.

#2 Casino Crm Software : About PhoneBurner

PhoneBurner is an outbound call center solution that allows users to log in from their computer and make calls from the connected phone, using imported or admin-provided lead lists. The system offers functionalities that include power dialing, lead management, email follow-up, performance management and analytics.

The PhoneBurner system is TCPA/FCC compliant. Users can maintain detailed contact records in the built-in CRM, or integrate with Salesforce and other leading CRM applications available. Other features include voicemail drop, one-touch emails, email tracking, custom dispositions, call recording, call transfer, local ID tracking, and LeadStream intelligent lead distribution system.

PhoneBurner scales to any size team managed from one central admin portal. Analytics and reporting features offer real-time visibility into ongoing activities and calling performance. The platform is cloud-based and requires no installations, setup fees, or contracts.

The solution is available on a monthly subscription basis and provides customer support via phone and email.

#3 Casino Crm Software : About Workbooks

Developed by a team of entrepreneurs based in the UK, Workbooks is a robust SaaS-based CRM system offering marketing and sales automation, customer service and support, and a host of other useful business and customer relationship applications. The system is used by small and mid-sized companies in a variety of verticals, including consulting, healthcare, media, and professional services.

Workbooks is offered as a fully integrated suite, rather than on a modular basis. Customer engagement is viewed from a single system, combining information regarding sales, marketing, and client interactions. The marketing automation module pulls data directly from the company website once a buyer has expressed interest, and can be used to distribute leads to the correct member of a sales team.

For the sales team, a notification system reminds team members when there is a particular type of activity scheduled, such as a phone call or meeting. Activities can also be reassigned to a different team member as needed so that companies can be sure all important tasks are taken care of immediately. Workbooks also integrate with Outlook, so that team members can send and receive emails from the application, without switching systems.

Workbooks provides an intuitive customer service and support module, which allows clients to submit tickets to report any issues. From there, each issue can be routed to the correct member of a team, and can be set as a priority if it’s particularly important. For companies looking for a fully integrated customer management solution, we recommend Workbooks as a great option to explore.

#4 Casino Crm Software : About AnswerHub

AnswerHub is an online developer community solution available for deployment either in the cloud or on-premise. It is suitable for midsize businesses to large enterprises across various industries.

AnswerHub enables team collaboration and ideation, customer self-service portals and privately managed Q&A sites. Users can share information among team members, propose and track the progress of ideas and build a knowledge base for both customers and partners.

AnswerHub includes built-in gamification, so users can recognize and reward team members for their knowledge. Team members can be identified according to their field of expertise enabling fresh queries to be routed to the specific people.

AnswerHub offers services on a monthly subscription basis that includes support via an online knowledge base including tutorials, case studies and eBooks and through a ticketing portal.

#5 Casino Crm Software : About Oracle E-Business Suite CRM

Oracle E-Business Suite is a cloud-based suite containing integrated, global business applications that enable organizations to make decisions and manage costs of operations. The suite also includes on-premise customer relationship management (CRM) solution designed to help sales, service and marketing departments make information-driven decisions and manage costs and performance.

Built on an open, standards-based architecture, E-Business Suite CRM helps streamline business processes and allows key divisions to draw references from the same source of data.

Sales applications include sales force automation, sales order management and channel management. Marketing applications include marketing automation, marketing resource management and tradeshow management. Service applications include customer service, field service, call center and self-service.

Oracle E-Business Suite also consists of applications for managing operations related to services, finance, human capital, project portfolio and supply chain.

Support is available through an online knowledge base and via phone.

#6 Casino Crm Software : About Helpshift

Helpshift is a cloud-based customer service platform designed for B2C organizations wanting to improve customer engagement and retention. Key features include embedded web chat, in-app messaging, issue ticketing, searchable FAQs, chatbots and fully automated ticket routing.

Helpshift's platform integrates messaging, automation, bots and artificial intelligence (AI) to deliver personalized, scalable customer service for mobile, web, social and phone channels.

#7 Casino Crm Software : About Oracle Siebel CRM

Oracle Siebel CRM is a sales force automation (SFA) and customer relationship management solution designed to assist enterprises to manage their customer experiences. It includes a range of sales, marketing and customer service applications tailored to various industries.

In addition to core CRM functionalities, the solution also offers tools to manage sales collaboration, quote and order capture, help desk, self-service, loyalty and events management and more. It also integrates with a range of other Oracle solutions, such as Oracle Social Cloud. It helps sales personnel to build and manage sales pipelines. Marketers can also use this solution to run various marketing and promotional campaigns and understand the customer's behavior. The solution is capable of delivering customer insights that help stakeholders to eliminate the guesswork out of their decisions and make fact-based decisions.

The solution can be deployed both on-premises or hosted on the cloud and accessed as a Web-based solution.

#8 Casino Crm Software : About Answerbase

Answerbase is a solution for mid-size and enterprise-level companies looking for marketing automation and analytics, customer service and support and social CRM. Customer service and support module allow companies to solve their common problems by automating the answers to repeat questions. It provides clients a fast turnaround on important issues that may crop up, leading to less traffic for the support team and a customer base that can research questions on their own.

Answerbase allows users to use the Q&A component with online sales, as potential customers can have any sales-based questions that can be answered directly on the product page. Existing questions are addressed immediately and new questions can be routed to the correct member of the sales team.

Answerbase provides data and suggestions to users on what content they should create or any existing content that needs improvement. Answerbase can be used in industry segments including advertising, education, media and retail. Pricing is per month. Support is offered via email and phone.

#9 Casino Crm Software : About Toonimo Walkthroughs

Toonimo is a cloud-based online self-service solution specializing in customizable digital walkthroughs.

Toonimo helps direct visitors to next best actions on users’ websites. It features human voice overlay, so visitors are not only visually guided through a website, but hear verbal instructions as well. The visual overlays use animated graphics to direct visitors on their walkthroughs.

Toonimo is designed to be a self-service customer support platform, so visitors can answer their questions about users’ websites and businesses without having to reach out to a customer service representative.

This system also has capabilities for reporting and analytics. Users can generate performance reports and use built-in A/B testing and can update digital walkthroughs at any time.

Toonimo is priced per walkthrough and per number of views. It is suitable for businesses across a number of industries such as financial services, telecom, insurance, healthcare, travel and hospitality.

#10 Casino Crm Software : About KANA Express

Verint Express (formerly called KANA Express) is a cloud-based, omnichannel customer support platform for midsize businesses. The solution offers real-time access to customer engagement features, such as self-service portals, call center management, social CRM and knowledge management.

Key features include email management, call and case management, live chat, whitemail management, campaign management and outbound mailing. The Social Engagement tool allows sales reps to connect with their customers on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Verint Express helps businesses to create a personal web experience and assist their customers by providing information they need. Verint's multi-lingual web-based self-service application allows customers to serve themselves by looking responses to frequent questions, raising support tickets and address concerns.

It can be delivered both via the cloud and on-premise. It serves a range of industries, including retail, finance, travel, insurance and more.

#11 Casino Crm Software : About RightNow CX

For companies looking to meet the high service expectations of their customers, RightNow CX (Customer Experience) ensures that each and every customer is valued and supported. The customer experience suite gives businesses the tools needed to deliver great experiences that not only build and maintain loyalty but drive revenue.

RightNow Technologies Inc. provides expansive customer experience applications across the entire stage of each customer's journey: the Internet, contact centers and social networks. It's an ideal fit for companies with dense consumer networks in a variety of industries, including retail, travel and entertainment, the public sector and online services.

Many customers use the web constantly: for work, research, entertainment and more. Right Now Web Experience gives a company's consumers a supportive, branded online experience from a computer or smart phone, providing anytime access to conduct research, resolve issues and purchase goods and services. Today's consumers are also constantly on the go - they are just as likely to visit your site on their smartphone as they are a desktop computer. This system optimizes services for myriad smart devices to provide a consistent web experience. 

With RightNow Software's Social Experience, businesses can monitor and respond to feedback from customers on the social media channels, as well as integrating social media into the company's brand strategy, an important tool in today's market to increase customer satisfaction and build loyalty.

The Right Now software ensures that both customers and agents find what they need right away. With features like Voice Experience Management, the system identifies, sorts and routes callers to the right resource so that each experience is personal and professional.

All of this comprehensive functionality is available anywhere, anytime because the system is built in the cloud, while still providing a scalable, secure and reliable solution. This product is a good alternative to other Netsuite Competitors. Oracle voted to acquire the company in 2011 as part of efforts to expand further into the cloud-based solutions market. The union combined Oracle's marketing, sales, search, BI and Ecommerce functionality to the unified customer experience management process. 

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