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Best Free Tax Software 2020

Find the best tax software 2020 with our extensive tax software comparison 2020 . As every year, there are some changes in the tax law this year. Therefore, we compare the leading tax software offers for your income tax return for you. Get the most out of your 2019 tax return.

Every second employee in Germany is required to submit a tax return. The tax office itself expects everyone to file a tax return if they fear that they will not collect enough tax. All of them fall under the mandatory assessment. But also or especially for all those for whom there is no obligation to submit the tax return, submitting the tax return can also be particularly worthwhile.

There are various options for preparing the tax return. On the one hand, you can simply fill out the forms by hand or hire a tax advisor. Another option is to use control software. In terms of both content and organization, you are on the safe side when you have found the right control program for yourself:

Tax software test and comparison WISO tax: savings book 2020

With WISO Tax Savings Book 2020, our test winner places itself at the top of the tax programs. Thanks to its intuitive operation, all relevant data can be easily recorded. An intelligent assistant guides you through the entire tax return so that you can start right away without prior knowledge. The software logic checks the information for errors or incorrect entries. Further additional functions make WISO Tax Savings Book 2020 a sovereign assistant for an optimal tax return.

The pure online helper of Smartsteuer GmbH convinces with the calculation and clear entry of the data on the website without tax gibberish. No software needs to be installed on the page. The software is recommended for employees, the self-employed, pensioners and trainees. The tips and the collection of data are free, anonymous and free of registration. Costs are only incurred after the data has been sent to the tax office. Ideal for users who do not have a Windows operating system installed, such as Apple users.

Compared to its smaller brother, QuickSteuer Deluxe 2020 (for the tax return 2019) is not only aimed at laypersons, but also at professionals with complex cases. There is also the option of completing the commercial tax return, income surplus calculation (E√úR) and advance sales tax registration. Included in the bundle is Franz Konz's bestseller "1000 completely legal tax tricks". QuickSteuer Deluxe 2020 is thus an optimal overall package for a safe and quick tax return.

TAXMAN 2020 guides you step by step through your tax return and supports you with an immediate check of the data entries for correctness. Video-based interviews make it easy to get started. A selection of predefined categories, such as B. Advertising costs and medical expenses, added documents are automatically assigned. The entire package is rounded off with accompanying literature in PDF format and access to an online knowledge database.

The usual equipment features make Tax Savings Declaration 2020 a solid tax software. With additional features such as the receipt manager, the calculation of the expected reimbursement and good tax tips, you can save a lot of time. In comparison to other programs, SteuerSparErerklärung 2020 dispenses with bells and whistles in the user interface, and therefore works very reliably without stressing the PC.

Lexware QuickSteuer 2020

QuickSteuer 2020 provides the best service for simple tax tasks. For example, the software is the optimal solution for employees without additional income. Data entry is straightforward, which helps above all in simple tax cases. Lexware deliberately avoids paragraph deserts and official German and leads through an intuitive introductory interview to the goal.

If you don't want to spend a lot of money buying tax software and are familiar with taxes, SteuerEASY 2020 is a good alternative. The available form letters for communication with the clerk at the tax office are a great advantage. The tax assistant is rather rudimentary and falls behind the other tax programs. The surface is simple and tends to be monotonous. Overall, the price-performance ratio is good.

Worthwhile tax return: tax software test and comparison 2020
For most workers, it is the wrong decision to opt out of filing a tax return with a tax software comparison. According to statistics, most employees can hope for a refund from the tax office when they submit their tax returns. This particularly affects all employees for whom there is no legal obligation to create them. Therefore, every employee should check for himself whether his expenses for the extraordinary burdens, for the advertising costs and special expenses and for the pension expenses, for membership fees and donations may be higher, than the flat rates and allowances. If this is the case, it should be stated in the tax return. If you do not do this, they will expire.

There are various options for preparing the tax return. On the one hand, you can simply fill out the forms by hand. Another option is to use a tax advisor. This option is advisable for all those for whom the preparation of a complex tax return is essential. A tax advisor offers competent and individual support, which can, however, also have a financial impact.

Not so complex tax returns can also be created by an income tax relief association. Here you get superficial advice and help with the preparation, which is usually considerably cheaper than going to the tax advisor. Another option is to use control software. The commercial programs are usually inexpensive and support you in preparing your tax return. In terms of both content and organization, you are on the safe side if you have selected a good control program with a control software test.

Tax returns made easy with tax software
Tax return 2020Many thousands of taxpayers already submit their tax returns online . Compared to conventional control programs, the control software now offers significantly more convenience and does not only assist with a few general information. For small tax cases, professional tax programs can replace a tax advisor and offer support directly on your home computer.

All control knowledge is bundled in the applications in the control programs and can be used for the benefit of the user. With control programs, as the control software comparison shows, you save yourself the acquisition of technical terms and the paragraphs. This also helps to exploit the full tax savings potential. Last but not least, tax software can get up to several hundred euros more than the ELSTER form offered by the tax office .

The access to a tax program is worthwhile for everyone who has to file a tax return or who might want to do so voluntarily. But the range of tax assistants is large and ranges from free downloads to tax programs that can be purchased. In order to be able to use the maximum tax saving potential, you need a control program that is understandable, has a clear design and is easy to use. Our tax software comparison shows you how to quickly find the right tax software for you.

The tax software should be the optimal solution when creating the tax return. In order to get the best support with this, a control software comparison is worthwhile in any case. The comparison of the control software shows the differences in the user guidance of the individual programs, in the design as well as in the supporting help functions. The control software test and comparison analyzes the control software of the leading German manufacturers and in this way makes it easier to decide which software is the right one for your own purpose.

However, such a comparison also shows which control programs quickly guide the user, from laypersons to experts, through the tax jungle and which control programs can also provide many necessary tips. The tax software test also shows that most tax programs are usually easier to use than the ELSTER form , which is provided by the tax authorities.

Our conclusion of the control software comparison test 2020

Our conclusion of the control software comparison testThe comparison we carried out shows a consistently good result of all control programs. The difficulty lies in recognizing your own needs and choosing the right control software with the necessary additional functions.

Our test and comparison winner is with a rating of 96% WISO tax: savings book 2020 closely followed by Lexware QuickSteuer 2020 Deluxe and Taxman 2020 . With a combination of smart tax tips and an excellent refund result, WISO got tax: savings book 2020the overall win in the control software comparison test.

With simple tax returns as an employee, the tax saving declaration 2020 , STEUEReasy 2020 or Lexware QuickSteuer 2020 are enough for a decent result. However, if the tax case becomes more complicated, for example due to income from a business (photovoltaic system), then WISO Steuer scores : savings book 2020 , Taxman 2020 and Lexware QuickSteuer 2020 Deluxe, Thanks to extensive accompanying literature (including 1000 legal tax tricks from Konz) and an online knowledge database, the most difficult tax case becomes child's play. Unfortunately, not all software manufacturers have a version ready