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The best apps for Android, iPhone and iPad

The best apps for Android, iPhone and iPad

The best apps for Android, iPhone and iPad

If you use a smartphone or tablet, then you should definitely look for useful applications in your app store. Whether games for in-between, navigation apps or translators - the variety is gigantic. We show you on this overview page the best apps for Android, iPhone and iPad, which should not be missing on your device.

With additional apps, you can significantly expand the range of functions of your smartphone or tablet. Whether a mobile game to pass the time or an application to scan or sign documents. Below we show you the best apps from a wide variety of areas. Because nowadays it can sometimes be quite exhausting to find the really good ones with the mass of applications.

Many of the applications and games presented can be used free of charge, while others are chargeable. They essentially rely on three types of payment models - one-time payment, in-app purchases or subscriptions, which you use to pay money weekly, monthly or annually. However, many paid apps can be tried out free of charge in advance. Every now and then the apps presented here are also offered free of charge for a limited period of time - so pay attention to our always up-to-date campaign article .


Not every app runs on every smartphone or tablet. Many applications or games require a current operating system or require a minimum of hardware. It also happens that some apps are only available for the smartphone or tablet. So-called universal apps, on the other hand, run on both device types. You can find these requirements or restrictions in the respective entry of the application in the Google Play or App Store.

The best apps for Android, iPhone and iPad

The 21 best apps for Android, iPhone and iPad

  • The newest and best apps of the week

New apps appear in the app and Google Play Store every day. But with the mass of applications and games, it is not easy to find the really good ones at all. We go into the depths of the app stores every week and find the ten best apps and games of the week for you .

  • The top 10 apps for every month

You want to know which applications are particularly popular this month? Whether mobile games or the most popular camera apps. In our top 10 apps article , we show you a colorful mix of the most successful applications from the app stores every month.

Are you specifically looking for the best apps in a certain category? Then you will also find the top applications on all possible subject areas on this overview page, whether dating, weather or cooking.

  • Weather apps

What will the weather be like tomorrow? Will it rain or will there be a thunderstorm? A good weather app often offers significantly more information than the standard applications on a smartphone or tablet. Some applications, for example, integrate a rain radar, warn you of severe weather or have a detailed forecast for the next 14 days. The best and most beautiful weather apps we have assembled you in our linked article.

  • Grill apps

Grill apps for android apk

Do you want to prepare the perfect steak, discover new grill recipes or even grill meatless? With the right grill app for Android and iOS, that's no problem at all. There are numerous helpers in the app stores, we have picked the best grill apps for you.

  • TV apps

tv apps for android apk

Do you want to watch TV on your smartphone or tablet ? With the right TV apps, you can easily stream the live program without having to have a cable or satellite connection. If you don't have a TV connection, you can even bring content to the big screen using a media player .

  • Navi apps

Navi apps android Google Map

Those who do not use a separate navigation device usually use their smartphone or tablet. There are now many navigation apps and some convert your mobile device into a fully-fledged navigation system. Many of them can even be used completely free of charge.

On our large overview page we show you the 5 best navigation apps and give you detailed advice on which application is most suitable for you as a cyclist or motorcyclist, pedestrian or driver.

  • Shopping apps

Shopping apps android mobile

You finally want to make room at home and sell one or the other? With shopping apps you can take pictures of products directly from your mobile device, write description texts and auction your things in no time at all or sell them at a fixed price. We show you the best shopping apps with which you can sell your things directly from your Android device, iPhone or iPad in the linked overview.

  • Productivity apps

productivity apps for iphone

Productivity apps are often small helper tools that help you get more out of your mobile phone. Be it scanning or signing documents, a versatile shopping list or managing passwords. We'll show you which applications you can use to get the most out of your device in our article on the best productivity apps .

  • Cooking apps

Cooking apps iphone, android, ios, food recipe

Are you looking for new recipe ideas or do you need help preparing the Sunday roast? Cooking apps provide you with numerous recipe suggestions, instructions, shopping lists and much more. We have selected the best cooking apps from the app stores for you.

  • Travel apps

Travel apps iphone, android,mobile ios modern

Do you want to plan your next vacation, book a flight and hotel or find a delicious local restaurant near you? We show you the five best travel apps you can use to spend an unforgettable vacation. In keeping with this, we have also compared the most popular travel guide apps for you.
  • Translation apps

Translation apps android,iphone,live english language translator google translate

A translator is worth its weight on vacation or when talking to a person who does not speak your language. He will help you with the communication, the menu in the restaurant or on the way to the hotel.

Translation apps have largely replaced electronic translators and voice computers and are transforming your smartphone or tablet into them. The best translation apps , you can not miss on your device, we have picked out for you.

  • Mobile games

Mobile games apps android,iphone,multiplayer

On the way to work, during a break or at home on the couch: you can use mobile phone games to bridge time or simply relax. The mass of games is now overwhelming, so it is difficult to find the pearls at all. We have put together the best mobile games with which you can escape from everyday life or bridge some time.

  • Apps for kids

apps for kids games learning

Do your offspring use your smartphone or tablet or do you already have your own device? Then you definitely want to make sure that they see child-friendly content. There are some apps and games in the app stores that have been specially developed for children.

Often, these also offer setting areas for parents, in which, for example, the useful life or the range of functions can be restricted. We show you the best games and learning apps with which the youngsters can use their mobile phones safely and with pleasure.

  • Messenger

messenger apps android, iphone, mobile chat ios lite apk free download

If you are looking for a messenger with which you can communicate with your family, friends or colleagues, then the choice is often made on WhatsApp . But not everyone wants to use the service belonging to Facebook. We show you the 15 best WhatsApp alternatives that you can keep in touch with.

  • Dating apps

Dating apps android, iphone, mobile chat ios lite apk free download

Are you looking for great love? Nowadays, the partner search often runs through the appropriate dating app . You swipe left and right and chat intensively.

So that you increase your chances on the single market, you should look carefully when choosing the right app. It doesn't always have to be Tinder . We have put together the best Tinder alternatives around Lovoo, Bumble and Co. for you .

  • Camera apps

camera apps android, iphone, mobile  ios lite apk free download

The smartphone camera is increasingly replacing the digital camera. Cell phones are now taking good pictures that are not only sufficient for snapshots. However, the system-internal camera apps are often limited in terms of settings and postprocessing.

Here it is worth installing external applications with which you can get everything out of your recordings. The best photo software for Android and iPhone can be found in the linked photo guide.

  • Virus protection apps

Virus protection apps android, iphone, mobile  ios lite apk free download

Good antivirus software is available for users of Android smartphones or tablets to protect themselves from Trojans, malware and the like . Because it happens again and again that contaminated apps reach the Google Play Store. Even if you install programs from other websites, they could bring hidden additions. With our 6 best virus protection apps, your device is sealed off from intruders in the best possible way.

  • Root apps

Root apps android, iphone, mobile  ios lite apk free download

Did you root your Android device or cracked the iPhone and iPad with a jailbreak ? Then all doors are now open to you to adapt your operating system to your heart's content and to install programs that are not officially approved. We will show you which extensions should not be missing on your device in our guide " The best extensions for Android and iOS ".

  • Soccer apps

Soccer apps football android apps live scores

Do you want to follow the World cup, FIFA, Bundesliga or Europa League on the go? With the right sports apps, you can follow games live, participate in betting games, follow the latest news and much more. On our large overview page, we show you the best football apps that shouldn't be missing on your mobile phone or tablet.

8 Best Soccer Apps

  1. Get a Kick Out of These Soccer Apps
  2. FIFA (Android, iOS: Free)
  3. Forza Football (Android, iOS: Free)
  4. ESPN (Android, iOS: Free)
  5. Onefootball (Android, iOS: Free)
  6. FotMob (Android, iOS: Free)
  7. MLS (Android, iOS: Free)
  8. theScore (Android, iOS: Free)

  • The best AR apps

The best AR apps iphone, ios, android, ipad, smartphone

Everyone is talking about augmented reality (AR) and it's a lot of fun. With the help of AR you can measure objects, furnish your living room with new furniture or bring game characters into reality. In our linked article " Augmented Reality Apps " we present you the currently best applications for your Android device as well as iPhone and iPad.

  • The best apps for Fire TV, Chromecast and Apple TV

The best apps for Fire TV, Chromecast and Apple TV

With apps you can not only increase the functionality of your mobile devices, but also pimp your media player on the TV. For example, you bring YouTube to the big screen, browse through media libraries or watch Netflix . In the linked articles we show you the best apps for your Google Chromecast , Amazon Fire TV or Apple TV .