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Google Link Rejection Tool-Disavow Links Tool User Guide

Google Link Rejection Tool-Disavow Links Tool User Guide

Google Link Rejection Tool-Disavow Links Tool User Guide

Backlinks are important, but harmful backlinks can not only help improve rankings , they can also have the opposite effect. To improve rankings, it is necessary to eliminate harmful backlinks.

Search engine optimization engineers know that backlinks are the primary factors that affect Google rankings. According to Google's algorithms, they are an important indicator of a good website. But to increase the domain name weight and ranking of a website , it is not enough just to get a lot of backlinks. It is never easy to please Google's algorithm.

Google usually favors the site's link configuration, which is a list of all backlinks on your site, including links from other sites and sites with higher weights-they think this is a sign of whether a site is secure or reliable.

High-quality links can promote your site's ranking, but by the same token, poor-quality or unwelcome links from low-weight sites can adversely affect your site.

Fortunately, when the search engine when crawling your site, you can refuse to set up the tool in the Google link, to ignore a particular reverse link . This way you can strengthen your site's link profile by removing that spam, as well as irrelevant and low quality links .

However, although some links may seem irrelevant, from low-weight domain names, or even spam links,,,, , they do not pose a threat to your website, and they may even help increase your domain name weight and ranking.

With that in mind, you must make sure that the link is harmful before setting it down . But this raises another question: how do you determine whether a link is beneficial or harmful?

1. Review your linked documents for harmful links on your site

The first step in identifying harmful links is to check all backlinks. Of course, this is not possible by hand, you can use SEM rush's backlink review tool to analyze all backlinks.

First you need to register for a free SEMrush account . When finished, click on "projects" in the left column of SEMrush.
click on "projects" in the left column of SEMrush

Then, select your domain name and click "Set up" under "Backlink Audit".

Start Backlink Audit

Next, select "www & non www version" and click "Start Backlink Audit". SEMrush reviews the site's backlinks and gives a diagnosis within 10 minutes.
the site's backlinks and gives a diagnosis within 10 minutes

Once SEMrush has completed the review, there is a table showing the number of harmless, potentially harmful, and harmful domain links to your website.

there is a table showing the number of harmless

To review more backlinks or the latest links on your site, you can connect your Google Search Console account to the tool.

connect your Google Search Console account to the tool

Finally, in the Domain Name Score section, click the red percentage or harmful domain name. A new page will appear with all the harmful website domain names that SEMrush considers.

To understand why a domain name is considered harmful, click on the domain name score and SEMrush will list its domain name score and trust score.

You can also filter out these harmful domain names by selecting link networks, harmful environment, spam in communities, etc. Just set "Advanced Filters-Advanced Filters.

Advanced Filters-Advanced Filters

In SEMrush, you can upload these links to Google's disavow link tool, but if you find it easier to upload them, you can export them to an Excel file and follow the next step.

2. Put harmful links in a text file and upload it to Google's disavow link tool.

After exporting the harmful links to an Excel file, if you use a Mac or computer, you can copy and paste them into a text document and then upload them to Google's disavow link tool.

Next, open the denial link tool Web site, select your website and text files, click Submit. Google will process your request and complete the link rejection within a few days .

To improve your search ranking, you must clean up some backlinks.

If your website is very well-designed and compelling, you can get a lot of high-quality backlinks. But great content may also attract some low-weight websites. They may bring bad backlinks to your website. Google will lower your ranking because of these bad links.

Fortunately, you can use SEMrush's backlink review tool and Google's reject link tool to remove bad backlinks and maintain the health of your website links , thereby increasing your website's domain name weight and ranking on the Google homepage.

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