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How Can You Make Money by Blogging?

How Can You Make Money by Blogging?

How can you make money by blogging

How can you make money by blogging

Want to know how to make money from blogs? 10 years ago I realized that there are bloggers who really make money from their blogs. Most of them are "ordinary" people, who often start making money with their blogs by accident.

I also started my own blog  and I also get money. But soon I noticed that it was not easy to get income from a blog in Flanders.

Today I saw a completely different blog. A blog is not "just a blog", a blog is really a "business", and you have to do it that way.

I am not writing this article from the perspective of a "pure blogger", but also for entrepreneurs and companies who regularly publish blog articles on their blogs.

How do bloggers make money?
There are several ways to make money with a blog . In this article, I will show you 14 ways to make money with blogs. It is up to you to find out which path suits you best and what suits you.

I hope that after reading this article you will realize that you can also use blogs perfectly to promote your company, product, or service. In this way, blogs do not provide "direct" income, such as through advertising, but indirect income. Your blog will then attract new visitors who will eventually become customers.

How much money can you make by blogging?

How much money you can make with a blog depends on many factors . If your blog is a reference in your profession, you can definitely get a good amount thanks to your blog.

If your blog is more personal and there are several ads here and there, you will be happy with a few euros per month.

A common mistake is someone starts blogging about a little of everything . The chances that you will get money based on such a blog are very small. If, on the other hand, you determine your topic and become a reference on that topic, then the chances are far more real that you will get money through your blog in the long run (but the road is still long!).

I myself have a number of customers who have developed their business through blogs. They don't see themselves as bloggers, but thanks to their blog, they are quite attractive to new customers. In my view, that is the most feasible way in Flanders to generate good income through blogs. Unless you blog in English of course, the cards are different. But in this article I mainly assume that you are a Flemish and a blog in Dutch.

How can you make money by blogging?
In this article, I will discuss the following 14 ways to make money from blogs:

  • Google Adense
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Develop online courses
  • Create a payment bulletin
  • Publish a bulletin (free or not)
  • Set a free webinar
  • Publish sponsored articles
  • Write articles for other websites
  • Promote the products / services that you sell
  • Arrange a workshop
  • Train your followers
  • This way you can earn money with Instagram
  • This way you can get money by vlogging
  • Join the influencer program

1) Google Adsense

Google Adsense

Advertising is the easiest way to make money from blogging , but the opportunity to get rich is almost zero. Google AdSense is easy to implement on your blog, making it a popular choice.

Unless you really have a lot of visitors, I don't recommend this. Finally, advertisements often have a negative impact on user experience. If you only get a few euros / month from advertising, this really isn't worth it.

However, if you have a blog that attracts thousands of visitors every month, it will be a different story. In this case, it might be interesting to get started with Google AdSense. Again, it won't make you rich, but it can provide an additional source of income.

2) Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing

With affiliate marketing, you promote products or services on your blog . When your visitors go to a website that sells services or products through your blog, and actually make a purchase, you will receive a commission .

The amount of commission for affiliate marketing depends on various factors. This can be a small percentage, but a commission of $ 100 (or even more) is certainly no exception!

How do you do this concretely? The best way is to write / create valuable content. For example tutorials or reviews . Or maybe you are an influencer (beginner) and you have a lot of followers on Instagram ...

Do you have a blog and want to know the possibilities? Then see TradeTracker . TradeTracker is one of the better Affiliate marketing providers. I myself am also affiliated there. You can register for free and you will see that they have an interesting affiliate program in each category. Do you have a travel blog or a fashion blog (or something else), you are likely to find an affiliate program that suits you.

The affiliate program that you find on TradeTracker is not an obscure website, but it is a well-known Belgian & international brand like AS Adventures, Torfs, Proximus, Connections, Etam, Tui, ...

3) Develop online courses

Develop online courses

Successful bloggers often also develop online courses . This can be about topics where they blog, but sometimes also about blogging or about online marketing, about how they have handled things and have become successful.

Such online courses can take various forms. This way you can also provide access to protected parts of your website, where deeper or more complex content is offered. Nowadays, such things are often combined with videos . Thanks to video you can approach a 1-to-1 experience.

Online courses are also regularly supplemented by training through, for example, Skype calls. I personally find it very interesting. In this way you combine a theoretical course with specific suggestions and feedback during a Skype call. This provides real added value.

The advantage of such online courses is that they are easily scaled ; You make it 1x and then in principle you can sell it back indefinitely. But make no mistake, making an online course, especially if you work with video, requires a lot of work. If you use WordPress, you can easily develop your blog with an e-learning platform. There are various plugins for this.

4) Create a payment bulletin

Create a payment bulletin

There are also successful bloggers who have paid newsletters. They then send newsletters at certain times with exclusive tutorials or tips. You often see this, for example, with bloggers who provide tips on sharing. This includes some very successful bloggers where readers are willing to pay for interesting information sent through bulletins.

5) Publish e-books (free or not)

Publish e-books

E-books are also a very popular source of income for bloggers, both those who pay and those who don't.

Paid e-book

The most obvious form of e-book is a paid e-book. For bloggers, this is also a relatively easy way to make money (provided you have a captive audience).

Often we start from the most popular posts that have been written on blogs . This is then changed or supplemented with (lots of) additional information and tips.

For example, a few years ago I followed an American blogger who shared tips on how he traveled very cheaply. It starts from booking cheap airplane tickets, tips on how to easily get extra miles or how to book the best room at a lower rate. The blog was very popular at one point so bloggers released their own e-books. And actually it's really nothing more than the most popular blog posts he has written and added.

Free eBook

Maybe you are now wondering how to make money from free e-books? Well, that is certainly possible, though indirectly.

For many bloggers, collecting email addresses is very important . When they then publish a new blog post, they immediately send a bulletin to people who are already interested in the type of content they publish.

If you as a blogger make money through advertising or affiliate marketing, email marketing is a tool that should not be underestimated. But even if you want to (ultimately) sell a product or service, such an email list is very important.

However, there is a small "but". That is, your visitors will not only leave their email address so you can catch up with them (even if they find your content interesting). That's why it's a good idea to give something instead. Free e-books are a great idea! Gather 10 of your most popular blog posts, turn them into e-books, and you have a free "gift" to give when someone signs up for your newsletter.

6) Set a free webinar

Set a free webinar

Free webinars are also a form of indirect income. With your free webinar especially giving interesting information and creating trust for your visitors: your visitors know you and will be more likely to be a customer with you. This is very interesting if you also offer services or products in addition to your blog.

Although webinars are easy to set up now , you should also consider a number of technical aspects :
  • good quality camera
  • good microphone quality
Often you start with a standard webcam and microphone on your computer. Although the quality is ok for regular Skype calls, they are often lacking for professional use.

That's why it's interesting to invest in a better webcam (if necessary) and, above all, a better microphone.

Free webinars are often used by software developers. This is the ideal way to provide remote information sessions to potential customers throughout the world .

But you don't have to be a big company to host a free webinar. You can also set up free webinars as "little entrepreneurs". The aim is the same; present your products and services and "create" trust for your potential customers .

7) Publish sponsored articles

Publish sponsored articles

When your blog becomes more popular, you will also receive requests for sponsored articles. If you have a small blog, you will receive questions from companies who want to link to their website, often in addition to the articles you have written.

If your blog reaches a certain popularity, the company will also be willing to pay for a link to their website . The correct amount depends on many factors, but the more specific the topic of your blog and the more readers you have, the higher the number.

It is important here that you "connect" your visitors to your blog; You can do this through social media or free newsletters. As soon as you publish a new blog article, you can let us know through your social media channels and through your bulletin.

8) Write articles for other websites

Write articles for other websites

Here, too, I will make the difference between writing free articles (= guest blogging) and paid assignments.

Write a free article = guest blog

With guest blogging, you will write articles for other blogs, usually authority on certain topics. It is not the intention that you get money directly from it. The goal is not to attract new audiences , readers who click on your blog by reading your article. As a blogger (or as a company) it's important, because you depend on the number of readers you have each month.

Paid assignments

Your writing style and expertise might catch the attention of other companies. Or maybe you have built certain names or authorities around certain topics that will make companies pay you to write for them . There is no fixed amount for this, it all depends on your expertise and reputation. This number may be relatively low at the start, but as you build expertise and experience, you may demand a higher amount.

9) Promote the products / services that you sell

Promote the services that you sell

If your blog is part of your company website, you can also use your blog to promote your products and services. Don't worry about ordinary advertising, informative or inspirational blog articles .

Inspire your visitors . Some companies use their blogs to inspire potential customers. The blog from Colorado is a good example. They don't advertise their products directly, but put lots of tips on how and decoration on their blogs. Of course with references to which products they use. Because they offer blog articles that are informative, interesting, and have real added value, their blog articles always appear at the top of Google .

Another technique commonly used is that you publish a blog article and provide a bit of valuable information . If your readers want advice that is tailor made, they should contact you. For example, an accountant who publishes articles with general tax tips for entrepreneurs, where you can contact us for advice made specifically.

10) Organize workshops

Organize workshops

Another option for making money by blogging is organizing workshops.

Suppose you have a popular blog about photography, it might be interesting to offer a workshop to your readers . Your readers have followed you because they found your blog article interesting. Make sure some are also willing to pay money for an attractive workshop . The advantage is that they already know you, you already have a relationship (trust) with them, so you no longer need to convince them of your knowledge and skills.

Preparing for a workshop takes time, but the advantage is that you can give the same workshop several times. An added benefit is that different people can register for the same workshop.

11) Train your followers

The way to make money with blogging is similar to the one above, but with the difference that you will train your followers individually . Especially if you have certain authority in your domain, your readers will be open to it and sometimes even ask questions. Training someone individually certainly takes time, but the amount requested for this is usually also much higher.

12) You can make money with Instagram

Today,  Instagram adalah also a popular money-making channel . That's not really with blogging, but by posting beautiful and inspiring photos. This is very popular among fashion and travel bloggers. Again, the more followers you have, the greater the number you can ask for sponsored posts.

But don't let money be your first motive here, because that way you will give up quickly. It takes a lot of time before you build a good number of real followers (!). It's more important you start from your desires . Also stick to 1 topic, which is easier for followers to follow you on certain topics.

If you are a blogger, Instagram can be an interesting channel to find new followers or to tell your followers about new blog posts. By the way, your latest Instagram post is easily integrated on your website, which also has several advantages.

If you want to know more about this, make sure to also read this article explaining how to make money with Instagram .

13) This is how you can make money by vlogging

make money by vlogging

By vlogging you don't write a blog, but you do a " video blog " and preferably post it on YouTube . Because YouTube displays advertisements with videos, you can make money by publishing videos / vlogs. Here, the more videos you see, the more you can get from them. But don't create illusions, with a few hundred views per month you won't get anything.

The most popular vloggers at the moment are very focused on entertainment . As a company, it is very difficult to get enough views to get something from it. But there are also possibilities here!

You can start your own YouTube channel and post tutorials or "how-to" videos there, because these types of videos are still very popular on YouTube. Not that you will get anything from ad revenue, but that way you can attract new visitors to your blog or website.

You can also easily post YouTube videos on your website. In some cases this will lead to a higher ranking on Google! Videos are also an ideal way to create more trust with your visitors; so they see or hear you are very busy.

14) Join the influencer program

If you have many followers, through any channel, then you are attractive to the company. It is far more interesting for companies to promote their products by influencers , who are much closer to their followers, than only through traditional (impersonal) advertising.

This is still relatively new, but the number of influencer programs is growing rapidly. Both throughout the world and in Belgium. More traditional marketing agents also launch influencers, because ROI is very attractive to companies.

As a blogger you only get a few things for free ...

Above I have explained many ways to make money with your blog, but as a blogger (or influencer) you often get products for free. These can range from small things (software, perfume) to even travel. This also depends on various factors.

The requirement is that you promote this or write a review about it.

As a beginner blogger, this is often your first form of "income". You might not immediately get money with it, but it is an indication that you are on the right track and that you must continue to do what you do!

Can you make money with a free blog?
As a beginner blogger, the first (logical) step is often a free blog. And it's perfect for getting started and you can even make money with it if your blog becomes popular.

But it is far more interesting to move quickly to platforms with your own domain name. The reason is simple; Your own domain name is yours and you manage it yourself. If you write a blog on a free platform, and that platform stops functioning, you will lose your entire blog at once. This can't happen with your own domain name. And that just looks much more professional.

Do you need to have your own business?
To make money as a blogger you don't have to have your own business, but it's wise to visit an accountant after you make money with your blog. Especially because the income from your blog is often not just one time.

Conversely, if you own a business and you have a company website, a blog is the perfect extension. Publishing blog articles regularly has many advantages:

  • Blogging is good for SEO, so your website will rank higher on Google!
  • You can attract new potential customers by creating a blog about topics related to your product / service
  • You can also use your blog as an information or inspiration channel
  • Especially with small companies, blogs can be interesting to generate trust with your visitors

7 additional tips for making money by blogging

  • Personalize your blog.
  • Stick to one topic and make sure you become a reference.
  • It takes a while before you start seeing results from your blog, which is why many bloggers give up at an early stage. Count at least 6 months ...
  • Be sure to bet on various ways to make money in the beginning. As you become more popular, you will find what suits you best.
  • Content is king, publish content that your target audience really wants to read
  • Don't be a copycat of another blog, it's important that you are unique and reference in your domain
  • Don't make a blog to make money at first! If that is your main goal in the beginning, you will never maintain it.