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Social media strategy - Get more (involved) customers through social media

Social media strategy - Get more (involved) customers through social media

Social media strategy - Get more (involved) customers through social media
Social media strategy - Get more (involved) customers through social media

How do you make a social media strategy for your company? Of course I could start this article with something like social media, you can't get around that lately. But I'm not going to do that. After all, there is something much more fundamental going on. It seems that social media is not a trend, but a permanent change in how we as humans communicate.

Social media strategy is no longer a matter of wanting

So you and your company have to do something with it. That is not a question of wanting, but of having to. Not being present on social media costs you customers. But besides alleviating the pain by being present on social media, you can also use social media to achieve new success. The chances are endless. That is why this is a step-by-step plan for a new social media strategy that will also work in 2020.

Almost everyone uses social media, that is a fact. So it is important to check which social media your target group is on.

Quality over quantity

Many companies I work for immediately go all-in when they talk about social media. I ask them how it is and the answer is often, yes, we have a Youtube channel, Instagram page, IGTV, Google company page, Linked-in profile, Facebook page and Facebook group. I always ask them if they employ someone to manage all those things ... "No" is the answer.

The conclusion is that (especially as a small company) you never have time to do everything. So you will have to make choices in your social media strategy. Which media are really important? It is certainly not the more the merrier. Ultimately, this mainly concerns the interpretation of the social media strategy. For example, if there is a large overlap of your target group on Facebook and Instagram, choose one of the two and build on it. Do not choose both because you will not be the first to have the social media strategy watered down.

Choose a medium where your target group is active

Now it is important to first make a choice in which social media you want to use. This does not only include Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. They also have many floors in their media that you can think about. To give you a list of the more popular media, here we go!
  • Facebook page
  • Facebook group
  • Facebook stories
  • Instagram page
  • Instagram stories
  • IGTV Instagram
  • Snapchat
  • Youtube video’s
  • Youtube stories
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter
  • Linked-in
Just to get the assumptions out of the blue, just a few facts. Facebook is the largest social medium in the Netherlands. Among young people, Instagram is used more than Facebook. Twitter and Snapchat are currently declining in popularity.

Choosing your medium (or part of a medium) is a good first step. You can already strip away the rest and get started with a few single media.

What do you want to achieve with the social media strategy?

You probably have a goal in mind with the social media strategy. That goal can help you make the right choices. To get you started, here's an idea of ​​what goals you could have your social media enabled for.

  • Create more brand awareness
  • Making the company easier to find
  • Create more engagement by sharing photos and stories
  • Show a behind-the-scenes look to the target audience
  • Happen more as a person to the target group
  • Strengthen the sense of the brand
  • Interact with the target audience
  • Sell ​​more
The latter seems especially interesting, 'sell more'. But there is actually already a line through. Of course, a good social media strategy ultimately leads to more sales, but there is a big misconception on social media. Many of my customers had a social media channel full of new products and promotions. Actually, it had just become some sort of online store. And that does not work.

People are on social media for fun, not to be bombarded with 'buy this, buy that'. You will therefore have to respond to this with a social media strategy. Because selling directly via social media does not yield anything and can even cause a negative irritation effect with the target group. We don't want that. So therefore, how should it be?

How should a social media strategy be?

To answer the above question I would like to quote a quote from Gary.

“Give value. Give value. Give Value. And then ask for business.“ – Gary Vaynerchuk

As said before, we are not going to sell directly on social media, so what do we do there? Well ... Give value to your potential customers. And that can be done in countless forms. Better said, an infinite number of shapes. Make sure that you build a relationship with your potential customer based on all your content (what you post). As the name suggests, social media is about relationships between people. Become personal and increase the chance that your social media strategy will eventually lead to customers.

Because you probably think now, nice Mick, but what will I be able to post to build that bond. Then I would say first of all, you are not only going to send but also interact. And then when you are going to send something, do one of the following.

  • A video of what is happening behind the scenes in the company
  • A quote that suits the company
  • A mini interview with a staff member
  • A joke
  • Latest blog publication
  • Spotify playlist (relevant of course)
  • New video
  • A poll
  • A good review
  • A recent case
  • Relevant research that came out
  • Responding to current and relevant news facts
  • An accomplished goal of the company
  • Reactions to competitor colleagues
  • Questions to the followers
  • Memes met humor
  • Hang up on public holidays
  • Answer to frequently asked question
  • Share an infographic
  • Introduce new employees
  • Video of your service in action
  • Ask for feedback on an idea (co-creation)
Depending on your goal with the social media strategy, the above may be interesting to post. Selling comes later. When you post a lot of nice content that people respond well to, you can sometimes tell something about your new product. Then you appear sympathetic and that is important on social media.

How much time does a social media strategy take?

You will find that executing a social media strategy takes more time than you think. Especially when you work multi medially.

In order to further map the time you spend on the social media strategy, you will have to start with a content planning. That is nothing but an agenda that you will post on when you post something, keeping your goal in mind. The agenda is meant purely so that you can evaluate afterwards whether everything has worked out and so that you have something to hold on to in the chaotic world of social media.

How often do you have to post?

There is no clear answer to the above question. Gary Vaynerchuk would say you can never post too much. But he will also say that your posts must be valuable. And that is exactly where the key lies. Can you post ten valuable posts a day if you run a business as a bicycle repair shop? No. Then don't do it. Prefer to post one message a week from a satisfied customer.

However, if your company is completely built around content, you can often post daily. If possible, do this. But always consider if it gets through the customer's bullshit radar. Don't think of quotes to post quotes, but write things down when they come to mind. Do not go too fast at the beginning. Wanting to post something every day seems nice, but it is something you have to be able to keep up for a long time. A social media strategy has more effect in the long term than in the short term.

Choose a style within your social media strategy

Okay, you've come up with the type of content and want something with it. But keep in mind the tone of voice of your company and how it comes across to your target group. That starts with whether you address people with 'you' or 'you'. But that goes much further. Can the jokes you make? Do they match what you want to radiate?

Evaluate your social media strategy and adjust

Appoint someone in the company to monitor the social media strategy. Who is responsible for it? This way you can be sure that there are no big holes and your social media will be a big mess. Then evaluate what happened monthly. See if there was a lot of interaction with the followers (potential customers) and how the posts performed. Social media provides all this data, so it is a shame not to use it. Look at what is performing better and repeat that in the following content planning. If possible, leave out less performance.

Conclusion social media strategy

A social media strategy is more than 'we have a Facebook page'. It is the whole of activity on social media, the place where your potential customers can be found. Make sure you take it seriously. This opens up new opportunities for your company. Nowadays there are even companies that are purely on Instagram. They don't even have a website, but they do have customers. This way you could certainly look at social media, not only as an extension of your business, but as a business in itself.

At the same time, you should not see a social media strategy too difficult. It often goes wrong there, that you see it as a machine. Social media is real interaction between real people. If you fill in your strategy from that basis, you will be fine. Good luck!