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Inventory of Netflix nine practical Google Chrome plug-ins and plug-ins

Inventory of Netflix nine practical Google Chrome plug-ins and plug-ins

Inventory of Netflix nine practical Google Chrome plug-ins and plug-ins
Inventory of various useful Netflix plug-ins for Chrome , aiming to bring a better viewing experience on computer screens / external monitors

List of plugins (extended functions)
  1. Netflix AutoSkip : Automatically skip opening and ending
  2. Film scores for Netflix : Support to view the scores including IMDB, The Movie DB,, etc.
  3. Netflix – Category Browser : accurate classification of movies
  4. Language Learning with Netflix : Support loading bilingual subtitles
  5. Super Netflix : Multi-functional extension plug-in, support for mounting subtitles, adjusting code rate, double-speed playback, etc.
  6. Netflix Classic : Make autoplay and large image display static
  7. Aspect Ratio 21: 9 : Super widescreen display
  8. Netflix Flip : Adjustable viewing angle
  9. Picture in Picture : Picture-in- picture playback, supported by major video websites.
Inventory of Netflix nine practical Google Chrome plug-ins and plug-ins

Netflix AutoSkip: Intro, Next Episode SKIP

Netflix AutoSkip: Automatically skip "Introduction", "Countdown to the next episode", "Review". Skip the introduction and overview directly without clicking the skip button and play directly without waiting for the next episode.

Film scores for Netflix

Based on the ratings of most popular review sites, enrich the ratings of the Netflix website and Netflix movie scores. This open source extension will give a rich rating to the Netflix homepage based on ratings from,,, and TheMovieDB.

Ever since Netflix replaced the stars with a thumb rating system, it has become very painful to find something interesting. This Chrome extension brings back score ratings.

Netflix – Category Browser

You can find the simplest and lightest Netflix category browser, and explore more than 240 "hidden" categories, including movies, series, documentaries and more!

Inventory of Netflix nine practical Google Chrome plug-ins and plug-ins

Language Learning with Netflix

Use thousands of hours of real language in the context to build your listening comprehension. After installation, when you watch videos on the Netflix website, you will have other language learning features.

The subtitles are displayed in two languages, allowing you to compare the original audio and text with your language translation. The extension allows you to listen to subtitles one at a time and change the playback speed. There is a pop-up dictionary with extensions indicating the most important words for you to learn.

Super Netflix

Force Netflix to have high picture quality, change the video quality, control the video speed, upload custom subtitles, etc.-making your experience on Netflix even more enjoyable.

Netflix Classic

Hate going to Netflix to be surprised and confused by all the auto-playing videos and strange hover effects? Feeling out of control? Take back control of Netflix Classic! Netflix Classic gets rid of all autoplay videos on Netflix, forcing the browser to take you to a dedicated title page for each video you click, and, in addition, it eliminates the annoying "viewer" prompt every time you visit the site . Please enjoy!
Inventory of Netflix nine practical Google Chrome plug-ins and plug-ins

Aspect Ratio 21: 9

Correct the aspect ratio and remove the black bars from the ultra-wide 21: 9 monitor.

You can also adjust different aspect ratios on 32: 9 and 16:10 monitors. Compatible with Netflix, Youtube, Twitch, etc. You can add unsupported websites: the extension will try to correct the video player automatically.

Netflix Flip

Flip, rotate and zoom Netflix to watch comfortably in bed! Rotate to any angle, or look sideways. Netflix Flip rotates, rotates, and flips and scales the Netflix Player in Chrome for comfortable viewing while lying on your side.

Picture in Picture

Picture-in-Picture (PiP) allows you to watch videos in a floating window (always on top of other windows) so that you can always follow what you are watching when interacting with other sites or applications.

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