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Tips for using Uber in the best way!

Tips for using Uber in the best way!

Tips for using Uber in the best way!

After many controversies, the Uber app is increasingly successful in United State. Offering competitive prices and some facilities for passengers, it is becoming a good option for those who want to get around without using their own car.

If you are still a beginner in the application, we have separated some tips for you to use it and enjoy all the advantages.

Look that:

I ordered an Uber and I want to know where it is

One of the advantages of using the Uber service, is being able to request a car through the application on the mobile phone connected to the internet. With a few clicks, you can enter your starting address, destination and order a car.

The cool thing about this is that you can keep track of where your driver is and how long he will arrive at the departure address. Nice, isn't it?

In addition, you can share your location and route with others. So, if your mom doesn't believe you are really arriving at her birthday party, just share the information. There's no mistake! Now she will believe your 5 minutes.

To share the information just:

- Enter the trip menu

- Click on “share route” and add the people you want to share the location with.

Avoid surprises: know the price estimate before the race

Are you afraid of the value your race will give? So, this feature will help you, since with it you will be able to see a price estimate that will give the route.

Of course, the value may change due to factors such as traffic, rain, floods or other unforeseen events, but it is possible to base it on price.

To have an estimate of the price just:

- Enter the starting address and click on “set departure location

- In the bottom bar, click on “price estimate”, which is just below your card information

- Now, just enter the destination address and you will have the estimated value

Want to travel for free? In Uber, it's possible!

There is an option in the app to share promotions with friends who have never used Uber. Thus, your friend will get 20 reais discount on the first trip and you will have 20 reais credit. You can share with as many friends as you want, that is, the more friends the more discount!

How to share with friends:

- Enter the application menu and click on 'promotions'

- Click on “invite your friends” and write down your code, which will appear on the screen

- Share the code with friends, and ask them to use it on their first trip. Okay, now the two will earn 20 reais in credit on the app!

Share the amount with the guys

Did you take an Uber leaving the party with friends? Nothing is fairer than you sharing the final value of the trip. And the application gives this option, making life easier for those who use it with several people.

To share the price with more people:

- Just click on the “split amount” button and register the other credit cards

These are some tips for you to improve your use of Uber. Want to drive to the app? You can register and see the guidelines on the website . 

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