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Among Us: 37 tips, tricks, and strategies for Crewmembers and Imposters

Among Us: 37 tips, tricks, and strategies for Crewmembers and Imposters

Among Us tips, tricks, and strategies for Crewmembers and Imposters

Do you wander around the Among Us stage like a dizzy duck ? Do you tend to lose out in the voting, even when you don't say anything? Do they catch you the first time when it is your turn to be an Imposter ? Maybe it's time to start winning games with a little bit of skill and some strategy. You have come to the right place.

At Siswaku Blog we have proposed to offer you a series of key points so that you can take your Among Us games to the next level. Regardless of whether you are a newcomer or have already fixed (or sabotaged) dozens of ships. Because in the end, it all comes down to how to use confidence and skill as a means of survival.

Here are 37 tips, tricks and strategies for Crewmembers and Imposters alike. From the most basic and essential to tricks that will make a difference in the game.

Among Us basics: what it is and how to play

Among Us in a game about trust in the team . A trust between crew members (the players) when fixing a ship or space station that in each game will be broken by -at least- one Infiltrator whose purpose is for the group to fail.

On PC it is possible to play with keyboard or mouse. On mobiles through the touch screen

Sometimes sabotaging the engines, light or oxygen on the stage, sometimes hiding in the vents while he ponders his next move. At the point, surprisingly murdering the rest.

In fact, the first thing we have to keep in mind is that the contents and parameters of the game are clear even before it starts: as soon as we enter the players room we will see on the left:
  • The map we will play on
  • The number of impostors
  • The times of discussion and vote
  • The type of tasks
  • Various game speed and vision settings
  • And the range of time and distance of assassinations of the impostor.

The role of the crew is based on three concepts:

    • Fill the task meter , that is, perform the tasks that are marked in the upper left corner of the screen and act against sabotage (which will also be notified with an alarm).
    • Discover the imposter . If you see the saboteur at work or a corpse, it is time to make a report, point directly to the person responsible or try to deduce together who the impostor is.
    • Additionally, you can monitor what happens on the screen . Some scenarios have scattered cameras or a map. However, even this carries a risk: if the saboteur knows that someone is watching, he will surely take the opportunity to assassinate him. Don't say it in chat!
On the other hand, the strategy of the Imposter (or the impostors) is very different and is summarized in assassinating the crew.

    • The essential thing is to go unnoticed : mix with the rest of the players as if you were one of them, pretend to do tasks and debate in each report as if you were innocent. Even if you've been caught!
    • The impostor has three extra abilities: you can assassinate , hide in the grids (and move between rooms through them) and sabotage the ship . Of course, when you carry out any of these actions there must be no witnesses or you will risk being expelled. In the worst case, deny everything.
In addition to these two roles in the game, killed players can continue the game as ghosts . They cannot participate in the Crew chat or be seen by other players, but they can help with tasks and pass through walls.

That is, you still have a chance to win the game.

How to Play Among Us as a Crewman

No matter what role you play in Among Us : your first priority is not to arouse suspicion. At the end of the day, even as an innocent member of the crew you can end up being expelled if the rest (Imposter included) see you moving erratically and without purpose. Especially if you are discovered very close to a corpse.

The task of the crew, in addition to collecting evidence, is to fill the task bar . So unfold the map (you'll see the icon on the right) and head to the rooms that require attention. It has no loss.

That said, moving in pairs will do little good if the killer is the one following you. So try at all times to keep your distances ( keep a safe distance ) or make sure there is a third party not too far away in case the person following you moves with strange movements.

If you see the Imposter in action, make the report immediately . Quickly indicate the room in which it happened, what you saw, and the player's name or color. If the impostor does not react quickly, he will lose credibility and will be expelled.

Don't report based on hunches or without proof. If a Crewmember is expelled due to your accusation, not only will you lose credibility but you will automatically become the next suspect.

Finally, in case the engines or oxygen are sabotaged, your top priority is to fix them . No matter how you've progressed through the facility, if the danger countdown reaches zero the Deceiver will have won. However, move with caution: along the way you can also be ambushed: the murderer will use the alarm as a distraction.

How to play Among Us as Imposter

Said wrong and soon, your role as an impostor is to send everything to hell without anyone noticing . And, for this, your three best weapons are (in this order) discretion, subtlety and security in front of others both on stage and in chat.

With regard to discretion, at first move in the direction of performing a task and if there is another player, as far as possible, appear to be doing it until you lose sight of you. If it is at a point far enough removed from the rest of the Crew, eliminate it.

When fleeing a murder, consider how many players are in the game and where you are going to do it.

  • Never do it if there is a camera on the wall or a third player in the room (it takes a while until you can eliminate again)
  • If there is still a large crew, use a slit as if they see you leaving the room, you will be charged.
  • If you get caught red-handed, charge first (even if the other one reports) and provide details of the victim and the location.
If no one is in sight, sabotage far from where you are and move in the direction of the arrows. If you come across a crew member and don't see anyone, take them out. In addition, in case of doubts, you can deactivate the threat like the rest of the players to eliminate suspicions and, incidentally, try to extend the countdown as long as possible.

When it comes to sabotaging there are three elements that are crucial:
  • By sabotaging the light you will be able to carry out eliminations and they will take longer to find the body. This is quite handy when there are a lot of players.
  • By sabotaging the engines or oxygen you start a timer. If there are many players they will get out of trouble quickly, so it is convenient to do it when there are few and you can take advantage of the distraction to take someone ahead.
  • Don't run in the opposite direction to the room where the sabotage is arranged. you will be suspicious.

Unless you are very, very clear about your intentions, do not chase the other players . Keeping a safe distance will also make you look less suspicious. If you approach, let it be solely with the intention of carrying out a murder, very accurately and only under the right conditions.

Finally, try to eliminate the smartest players or those who are going to complete the Tasks first. With them out of the game (and the discussions) it will be easier to keep the game under control.

The game and field of view of each scenario

In Among Us the field of view is essential . Although we can see the entire ship, we can only see the players who are in our range of vision. The key, in this case, is to always try to walk through the central part of each corridor or room to avoid surprises ... Or give them.

If you are a Trupulant, take advantage of maps and surveillance cameras . In the Administration you will see a map with the location of each crew member. If you see that one of them (it is not specified who is who) disappears and another appears very far away, it may be the murderer who has used a grid.

As a Deceiver you can also use the map to your advantage : activate sabotages that are farthest from most of the crew and use bafflement to your advantage to make an elimination in the process.

Regarding the surveillance cameras, in the western area of ​​The Skeld and Polus maps you will find two rooms for Security. In them there is a monitor from which to remotely view the areas covered by the camera system. If you are going to use it, you will likely discover the impostor, but do not indicate that you are there in the Chat or you will become a magnet for murderers.

Use Free Roam to familiarize yourself with tasks and maps

Although the grace of Among Us is to share the game with other players, it will be of little use that we stare at the tasks while trying to understand them while there is a murderer on the loose. Luckily, in the game menu we will have access to a Free Mode.

The Free Mode is a game we're playing solo with other static Crewmembers. We can choose any of the three maps and, from a folder, select which Tasks we want to practice or alter our role and become the Imposter.

Spend all the time you need in Free Mode . In it you will master the art of sneaking through the cracks as an impostor, it will allow you to complete Tasks faster and, most importantly, learn the best routes on each map.

How to use the discussion system and manipulate votes

Sooner or later problems will appear at our station and someone will make a report . There will be those who have seen something, those who believe they have seen something, those who do not know anything and those who claim that they know nothing. In the end, each player is at the mercy of what the majority thinks.

If you see a body or a player who is clearly the Imposter (for example, entering a grid), report it and give all the details. Be brief and concise by qualifying:
  • What happened
  • Who has been
  • Where has happened
Now, keep in mind that if you make a mistake, the accusation will turn against you : the rest of the Crew will think that you are trying to kick another player out. Meditate well to make that accusation in case you are not clear about it and, keeping your distances.

If you are the impostor and you are caught red-handed, accuse the person who made the report first . Don't defend yourself. Clearly state where you were and who has been eliminated. Don't over-act, write just enough and be moderate when responding.

If the crew members agree to kick another player and you are a Crewman or a Deceiver, vote for the majority . In case you are innocent and are not singled out, they may be right. Only join the conversation when you have something concrete to contribute or to justify your innocence (even if you are not).

Be neutral with everyone and try to go unnoticed . In this regard, keep in mind that those who accuse and participate the most are those who statistically raise the most suspicion. They are innocent or guilty. And every time a Crewmember ends up being expelled, the doubt around those who write the most and participate in the chat increases.

A delicate strategy, if you are the impostor, is to follow a Crewmember from a distance without taking any action for a while. When the time comes, you can say during the discussion that you were with him shortly before, and you may even have earned his trust and a vote in your defense.

Finally: two extra tips:

  • Silences can be considered suspicious. People will notice them and the Imposters will take advantage of them to accuse the crew who do not participate in the discussions. Don't forget to write in text chat.
  • Some basic advice: a player indicating that it is their first game (or it is their birthday) does not have to be true. Imposters can say what they want.
  • Although, on the other hand, there are times when the Imposters end up giving themselves away.

Five (almost) unmistakable signs betray the impostor

We discussed earlier that the impostor's highest priority is discretion and subtlety. So there are several habits that usually give away their actions sooner or later.

  • If a player appears from a room that was empty a few seconds ago, they are an imposter.
  • If a player often spends too long near a slit without a task nearby , they may be an imposter.
  • If a player is positioned near a Task and when they move away the task bar has not increased , it may be a faking imposter. Especially if it is Tasks that require visual actions such as the destruction of meteorites.
  • If you lie when asked where you were or what you were doing, you are actually likely an imposter. And if he effusively accuses the same player who is reporting him, he will be, at the very least, suspicious.
  • And if a player enters or exits a crack , they are definitely an imposter.

These tips and strategies can also be used as a reference for Imposters, being perfect examples of what not to do during the game.

The maps of Among Us

The games of Among Us take place in three possible environments, and knowing how to move through them and where each room is is what differentiates experienced players from the rest.

Below are the maps and rooms of the three maps available (to date) on Among Us.

The Skeld

The inaugural map of the game and the one with the most rooms. It is based on a spaceship, having two main engines and a cockpit. Sabotaging the reactor and O2 (oxygen) must be our priority as Imposters.

Look at hq

Its design is the simplest of the three, but it does not mean less play. Mira HQ does not have a security room, and several of its locations are widely separated from each other, which is an advantage for the Imposter.


The third map has huge intermediate corridors that connect the rooms and some unevenness, making it easy to learn and locate in it. In addition, its distribution leaves a very interesting visibility for the Imposter.

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