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How to use Telegram without a phone number

Use Telegram without a phone number

Telegram without a phone number

The Messenger Telegram is a popular alternative to the top dog WhatsApp - but can you register there without a phone number? When registering, Telegram users must provide a telephone number. Read here whether and how you can use Telegram without a telephone number.

Using Telegram without a phone number - is that possible?

Telegram relies on encryption and data protection. But: As with other messenger services, Telegram users must provide a telephone number for verification.

However, many users want to remain anonymous while chatting and ask themselves whether they can register with Telegram without a telephone number.

  • In short, the answer is no. A contact number is mandatory. This is the only way you can verify yourself during registration.
  • With the number, it does not matter whether you enter a mobile phone number or a landline number. The specified number does not have to be that of the device through which you use Telegram.
  • This leads us to a loophole that providers such as TextNow use. The service creates artificial cell phone numbers. You can then enter the number into the app when registering for Telegram to receive the necessary verification SMS.
  • The disadvantage: The service of the fake phone number is also the admin of the Telegram account. At the same time, the entire account will be deleted if the service disappears from the market.

Withhold mobile number as an alternative

If you would like to chat with strangers but do not want to disclose any personal data about yourself, you can create a user name with Telegram. New contacts will only see this name, but not your mobile phone number.
  • You can define a user name for the WhatsApp alternative as follows:
  • In the first step, open the Telegram app.
  • Go to settings. You can enter any name under the "User name" item. This mustn't exist yet. So it is possible that your desired name has already been taken and you have to add a number or a special character to it.
  • Now you can share the username with people who should not see your mobile number.


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